One drop recommendations


Hey guys,
So I wanted to get a new throw and have been wanting to try a one drop yoyo for the longest. I wanted your guys’ opinion on the one drop I should get. You guys probably want my preferences so here we go: I tend to like heavier yoyos but I also love lightweight yoyos. Shapes don’t really matter to me. I tend to like more solid throws, but again, I like floaty throws as well. Um idk what else I should put for my preferences. So if you guys can please help me it would be much appreciated. You can also post your favorite or most recommended one drop even if it doesnt match my preferences. I’m not that picky. If you to know anything else about my preferences, let me know in the comments and I will be happy to answer :slight_smile: thanks everyone.


Off to a bad start by stating your preferences as “everything”. :wink:


Haha ya sorry. I’m not that picky. Just out to try some thing new :wink:


Trying out something new is always the name of the game when I make a purchase, so I can relate. :wink: I also don’t have very particular tastes; I have favourites in the “solid and heavy” and “light and floaty” categories!

But when I’m looking for something new, it might go something like this:

“I have a few solid and heavy throws, but what I’m really keen on is trying something that’s just nothing but power. Like, raw, stable power. Float, schmoat.”

And then people might say something like, “If you can get your hands on it, you really need a Stealth Ogre.”

So, you may not have overall preferences, but you know what you already have, and you might have some gaps! Maybe “different” would be something with a large diameter yet remains floaty. Maybe it would be “undersized but wide”. Who knows? But without any sort of criteria, people are just going to vote for whatever their favourite is. Then the poll becomes, “Out of the people who bothered to vote, the favourite One Drop was _________”. Which may not be as useful as you want.


the One Drop trend is Code 2 for speed play(more rim weight) and Cascade for more deep tech play(it’s more center-heavy). We’ll for sure be seeing more CHIK’s being used soon. Burnside has a good following.

Ain’t nothing wrong with the Code 1 either. Dang is good as well.
I feel the Deitz, Yelets and Y-Factor to be a little too small.

The Cafe Racer is fine, but not really competition oriented in my opinion, but you could. The Dingo is just too darn small.

I would just say as long as you stay with their full sized yoyos, you’ll be fine.


I would say CODE2… Based on what you like. SE’s can alter the feel enough to make a throw either more or less solid… And the CODE2 is a comp beast… Plus its a killer design and just looks soooo good!!!

(kclejeune) #7

Code2 is amazing. Code1 is just as amazing. Cascade is nice and floaty but not super stable. OOOH try a rally! It is better than 90% of metals IMO

Edit: I forgot, get a summit, hands down :smiley:


Here, Cascade, code1 , code 2, Summit, and rally.


CODE2 FTW!  :slight_smile:


I say Code 1. It’s floaty, can go at whatever pce you need it to, and it is really stable. Plus, it’s full sized and the catch zone is giant, so you can easily land/learn tricks on it. Then, if you feel the need, you can always use it in a competition.