Best One Drop yo-yos

hey guys,
up until now I have mainly collected YYF yo-yos and I have recently wanted to start buying yo-yos from different companies. I’ve been looking at One Drop yo-yos but haven’t had an opportunity to
try any, except for the Rally which I bought and got in the mail last week ( I love how it plays and is currently my fav yoyo). Just wanted to see what some of the more popular One Drop yo-yos were so I could try some of them.



Best? Code 2. Funnest? Dietz.

That’s my opinion out of the 6 One Drops that I’ve tried. One Drop is just such a great brand, they make beastly undersized throws, and always leave me wanting more. I’m currently interested in a lot of their throws but I know I can’t have them all :stuck_out_tongue: Looking to get a Rally soon and a Chik and some of the new one drops coming out eventually.

I’ve grown to completely dislike my Code 2.

The Cascade is amazing.

The Dietz is my #1 undersized.

I have a chik, a summit and a rally, I like and recommend all of them.

My favorite Onedrop yoyos have to be the Format:C and Code 2. I loooooooove angular throws and those 2 hit the sweet spot for me.

My favourite is the CODE1 followed by the Cascade. The Burnside is fantastic if you like heavy throws, and the GZR version is even better. If you’re a fan of undersized throws then definitely get a Dietz.

The chik is a great throw. It is super competitive, but is also good for every day play.

Yelets is a very fun and smooth yoyo, I recommend it

If you like it, it’s the best.

They have so many models that cover a wide range of sizes, weights, distrubution of weight, side effects and no side effects… there’s sure to be something to please nearly everyone.

Right now, I seem to reach for the Burnside. Last week is was more Code 2 but I was trying out the Chik a lot. I tend to play their full sized models more than their smaller models. My preferences lean strongly towards full sized. I just really enjoy this brand, so I don’t really try to pin down a favorite.

Due to the price tag, I think you should do some soul searching on your preferences to find what might be better fits for you. If you really have no preferences, well, it’s still a risk. In fact, any brand, any model is a risk. I just hope whatever you end up with, you enjoy.

Project 2!

Summit by far. If you’re talking pure one drop then I’d say probably Code1 or Code2. This is from someone who still hasn’t tried the Chik, Valor, or Format:C, just FYI.