Which onedrop?

I’ve been thinking about getting a onedrop yoyo for a while, but I don’t know which to choose. I play kind of slowish and smooth, but sometimes I like to go fast too. I don’t really have a preference on shape. Also would like to try something with SE’s.

Code 2 is pretty good! You could also save for the summit. It should be epic.

Full size- code2/1.
Undersized - dietz

Great choice on manufacturer!

Good luck!

I wonder if the dingo is good,maybe you should check that out.

I tried the Cascade and didn’t really like it all that much, but it might fit YOUR play style. Idk though. Heard great things about the Codes and the Summit is coming soon, and it’s partially by OneDrop, partially CLYW… I don’t wanna seem like a hype junkie, but it seems like it’s gonna be good, so… Take what you will from that… Hope you find something you like! :wink:

I’ve owned 2 MarkMont Nexts a Cascade and a 54 w/ SE, the only two I own now are the MarkMonts because those are the ones I liked the most and is my favorite OD as of now. I prefer the MN so basically just choose whichever one you like the best by looking at it’s pictures I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with whichever OD you choose, the Cascade and 54 w/ SE were amazing I just preferred the MN overall.

If you’re particularly interested in trying Side Effects, I’d go for the Yelets. It’s price is very good, it’s size and shape are very standard, but have the ever-popular One Drop elements (very industrial, concise design). It’ll give you a great idea of what the Side Effects system has to offer and will be a great yoyo to bring with you anywhere you’d like to bring it.

I have a cascade and really enjoy it. Its smooth, has side effects and spins forever. I would certainly think about picking one up

which side effects do you have?

Are any of these yoyos floaty? I haven’t tried any “floaty” yoyos, so I might want to try one. Thanks for all the help so far!