One Drop Recommendation?


I have nothing by One Drop. I have just about all of the YYF and YYJ metals and more than a few of their plastics. I’m looking for a casual throw that is smooth, preferably undersized, and has a feel somewhat like an 888. I’m looking for it to be very fast. Stability isn’t as important as smoothness. Really, I’m looking for something to replace my 888x or popstar as my go-to pocket throw. Any insight on the Brand as well as the general feel is much appreciated.


Really want to give the cascade a shoutout even though it’s 53mm. Very different from the other onedrops and I personally love it as a throw with it’s organic bell shape. That said if you wanted something smaller there’s the cafe racer, y factor or dingo but I don’t like either of those throws personally.


Code 1 with ultralights. Ah so good.


I don’t think it plays like an 888 (though I’ve logged a total of 5 minutes on an 888 so I dunno) but I also tend to think that Cascade fits your description best. The closest to an undersized “comfortable” throw that’s in the 888 zone is probably the Y-Factor. But to me the Cascade is a superior yoyo to the Y-factor overall.

The Code 1 is also not meeting your “undersized, like an 888” description at all, but it’s such a great yoyo.

My other favourite One Drop is the Valor, but it couldn’t be much more different from what you’re looking for other than the fact that despite its aggressive appearance and killer performance, it’s still a good yoyo to just flow with.


It looks like I’ll be buying the code 1 and dingo. only decision is whether or not to get the cafe racer also


The Code 1 is so good. I use brass spikes, that’s mostly for looks.

  1. Or benchmark O but it isn’t undersized, or particularly fast. Dang fun though
    On the brand…everything is good. No joke. I always sound like a fanboy but I assure you I’m pretty unbiased. I think I’ve only let go of one OD that I’ve ever had and I regret it now. They have something to fit every style, and I feel like their throws all have their own personalities. Not just the “brand’s feeling” where they all kinda feel similar.


thanks, I ordered a code 1, dingo and cafe racer, we’ll see how it goes.


Which colourways?


Although you’ve already bought your onedrops I just wanted to mention the Dietz as well. Completely overlooked it since I believe they discontinued it since Daniel Dietz left to yomega.


Yes. Only 2 or 3 yoyos can compete with the Dietz in the undersized category, its just so good and is a lot of fun too.


RT or Dietz?