one drop or CLYW?

both brands amaze me! I now there are some die-hard fans of both…but when you go to grab your yo, what do you grab? a CLYW or onedrop?

i know one drop is good, but none of their yoyos have really grabbed my attention, i would love a campfire tho…


You’ve just named my 2 favorite companies. I give the edge to OneDrop though. The guys at one drop are more involved with the community, give you more updates, actively participate in the forums, gives the community a chance to design their yoyos with the CODE 1 and CODE 2 projects.

OneDrop and CLWY both make killer yoyos. I just think that OneDrop does more for the community.



CLYW! Everything about their yoyos is amazing!

One drop.

my first edition markmont, deitz, and wolly marmont are all my favourite yoyos.

Wolly marmont is CLYW and one drop together, but hey.

What he said! The Onedrop guys are great!!!

See, One Drop has amazing ideas, and execute them well. Unfortunately, I’ve never really found a One Drop I’d use on a day to day basis. They’re amazing for their technicalities, but they all play too light for me. The ones that are heavy enough are H-Shapes. Crud.

Caribou is the same for me. The yoyos look stunning, and are very well made. Playwise, though, I really find the only yoyo I’d play a lot is the Bassalope, being the only small-bearing Caribou to date. Like, the Campfire would play so much better with a small bearing.

Avalanche>Code1>Sasquatch, in my experience.

DreadG tops all.

HUH? H-Shapes are crud? What? Code 1 is awesome. Also Wooly Markmont is an awesome collab. If they play too light for you, like the 54, you can add brass side effects. Fixed.

I like CLYWs blog and everything much better. I would say the opposite. Their website is also much better. In my opinion.

Save up for both, it is as simple as that man.

But personal preference, its all about OD, man.


Of course zammy would say OD Lol. But I must say that I do like the bulk of one drop’s yoyos, partly cause the price, another part for value for money, but mainly pure awesomeness.

I said “crud” in the same way you say “darn”.

And not liking H-shapes is only, like, an opinion… dude.

If the 54 didn’t feel hollow as heck, I’d play one. I have one with brass side effects. I’ll pass.

Not fixed :wink:

Umm… I’ve played neither.

x2…nice throws…had them all, at one time or another…never feel in love enough with any of them to keep em…

ONEDROP YOYO DESIGN is the best yo-yo company I’ve ever seen. Everything about their yo-yos, from their playability, construction, to their price range is INCREDIBLE. My favorite onedrop is the Y-Factor and I highly recommend getting it; its the most stable and smooth yo-yo I have ever played with.

Tbh, the only onedrop I like really is the dietz. Don’t muxh like the others.

Clyw, on the otherhand, has the avalanche, which is one of my favorites

OH, I took it the wrong way. I thought you meant H-Shapes were crud. It’s fine if you don’t like H-Shapes, but myself loving H-Shapes, it just bewilders me that you don’t like H-Shapes.