Time for a Poll ... CLYW vs One Drop

I hope the question is not confusing but basically I am trying to figure out what the community thinks, etc… which company is popular or which company has better quality stuff.

My opinion doesn’t matter because I like them both. I am not starting this because I really want to know which company is better, I know one company is not really better than another. Usually each company is good at something vs another company. Each company has something that they do which stands out… so vote and say what you like or don’t like about it.

Also share your experience for each company… Ill start :

my first OD was my code1… and I was amazed and thought wow I need to try another OD yoyo … but i went on to own …(at some point in my life) the 54,markmont,project2,Dang,Code2 in the mail. I threw the dietz around here and there.

my first CLYW was my avalanche… it was also amazing and it made me get more clyw throws too… but i went on to own… (at some point in my life) Chiefs,Peak,bassalope,Galactic Goose, BvM… campfire in the mail… I threw the canvas around here and there.

Overall : I started to lean towards CLYW because of all the hype … and recently I am noticing that I always pick up my OD… so yeah I am in the middle. I think both are great but only one can win.

Btw … this does not mean that I do not think other companies are not great etc, this is strictly between :

One Drop vs CLYW


Clyw is too overpriced. One drop ftw!

I think both companies are amazing. The way I look at it both companies are like cars. CLYWs are like the classic car you keep in the garage and show to your friends and bring out once in a while. One Drops are like the fast sports car you drive around every day.

Yeah :slight_smile: I love CLYW, but I like their yoyos when they sit in little glass cases in my room a lot more than on my hip and ready for everyday use. I think of CLYW yoyos as collectors pieces more than something to play with :slight_smile:

I agree with that ^^. I buy CLYW’s mostly to collect, and really enjoy them because they have personality, but I buy One Drops because they have always proven to be really solid players.

Not voting…

Anyhow, I have 10 CLYW’s and will soon have 8 OD’s. I like both brands. I think the prices on CLYW are getting a bit silly, but they are making a premium product and as such, it’s making the price tag match. They aren’t banging the stuff out like other companies do, such as YYF, who is able to drop the prices by increasing the quantities. Economies of scale in full effect. Note I am not saying that YYF is just churning them out and pushing crappy product to market, but rather YYF is keeping quality where it needs to be, but is simply able to produce higher numbers, which drives costs down as materials get less expensive when purchased in larger volumes.

I may be collecting to have them, but I also THROW THEM(OMG!!). Why bother having them if I don’t intend to use them, right? Maybe I don’t throw them as much as others, but they are thrown, used and shared, as they should be in my opinion.

What I dislike are the small quantities done in the runs, and the buying frenzy that happens when they drop. I must admit it annoys me because I never can get one during these buying sprees, or else i don’t have the money. I was lucky a very kind YYE sold me a Chief at a fair price in order for me to get a Chief.

My first CLYW came at the same time as my first OD. A beat Gnarwal came with a Relic Code1. I had to throw the CLYW first! But the Code1 ain’t no slacker, so don’t get any wrong impressions there either! More of each has followed then. I intend to round out my collections. With a Burnside and a Code 2 coming my way, my One Drop collection also includes a MMN, 54 and a Cafe Racer. A Dang will be aquired at BAC. The rest I will hunt down in BST…

As far as CLYW is concerned, I have 2 Peaks, Sas, Ava, the above mentioned Gnarwal, BvM, sb Bassalope, a Chiefm a Campfire and a Wooly Marmot. I’m currently on the prowl for a Canvas in decent condition at a decent price.

The bottom line is that if you like then, you like them. Some people do, some don’t. Preferences. my preferences say “I like these a lot”.

yeah its about preference… I guess mine is changing … specially after i got my hand on a code2 … and i realized that i prefer this $100 throw over everything else I have (including some i paid almost twice the amount of the code2 etc)…

I think this is the reason I am tending to shy away from CLYW a lil bit because I literally have more fun playing with my OD …

but don’t get me wrong … i love playing with my CLYW too (chief) but I think a lot of people just prefer to leave them in their case to just show them off… you should play with them lol …

I don’t own any CLYW, so I cannot give a fair comment on their stuff. I agree with Studio42 and his frustrations about the short runs game. But, I can give props to One Drop, they are awesome, and made in the U.S.A. too…doesn’t get any better than that. I have a Dietz, Dang, 3 Markmont Nexts, Project, Burnside, Y Factor and I’m trying to get more of their stuff. I can’t get enough. I’m a fan of the brand.

As annoying as it can be, I think the short runs of product are actually what sort of keeps it fun. If anyone could just buy a Chief any day of the week, would you really covet a Chief or be excited when you got it? Some might, but most wouldn’t. I wouldn’t. A HUGE part of the draw for metal throws is the collectibility factor of certain models, and CLYW’s business pretty much hinges on it. It would be hard to justify paying those kinds of prices otherwise.

One drop. Dont get me wrong, both companies are good but you gotta give it to one drop. when it comes to quality, one drop placed their entire future in the hands of forum members like us not just once but twice. And then made our yoyos the way we wanted them with the HIGHEST quality materials out their. If that’s not giving us respect I don’t know what is, so this is me giving respect back.

Two of my favorite companies. I’d have a really hard time choosing one over the other.

Love onedrop and clyw. If I had to pick one I’m going onedrop. Hey they machined the last run of chief for clyw. Lol but really I have been blown away by the code2. For that price nothing can touch it.

I like both companies, but I have to go one drop b.c Clyw has become out of my price range.

I like both companies. While CLYW is more expensive, I usually trade for them anyway. I’m gonna have to say a Tie

I think it’s sad to see CLYWs that never get thrown…

Chief is where it’s at.

there are 3 throws I could never let go and that I always go back to.


my answer of course CLYW ;D

Asking any question like that is like asking whats better for your health Apples or Oranges ?
Some people like apples, some people like an orange.
Pointless polls are just that.
Kinda like a yoyo review, or a string review, pointless.

for some reason, I never clicked with any of the CLYW throws, OD was my favorite brand up until not so long ago, I love the brand image and they make great throws.

but then came “la goutte”…

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maybe i wanted to know who likes oranges … and who likes apples (btw there is a tie option too)… i think its pointless for you to post its pointless… if its pointless then why waste your time? … y not go to every review out there for strings and yo-yos and write pointless? If you did that then you might make your point … or just be pointless … lol

hmm i think when i first got my peak … I was like yes this is the @)(#*)@#* but then i got other throws … and realized … its ok

I really want to try one

One drop. Always. I love my Caribous, but i can no longer afford to buy them, so i trade for them instead, and even then they are valued higher than they should be. CLYW, capitalizes on the hype over their yoyos and boosts their prices to the 140-150$+ price range. Which to me isn’t cool. The Chief is one of the best yoyos to have come out in recent history (besides the Code 2, which is at the top of my list), but there is no way that it costs so much to make that you have to charge 150$ for it… Though, i know they have been having to go to different people to machine them recently, which might in turn, raises the costs of manufacturing. Though i still think that 150$ is waaaayy to much. Supply and demand i guess…