The perfect company for me??


I think I have found the perfect yoyo company for me.

One Drop. I have tried 3 so far and love them all, that’s good enough to say I like them best so far.

I don’t know One Drops just click with me, they play amazing, have perfect response(or Flowable lol), and have SE’s.

The only One Drops I think I won’t like are the Dang and Burnside…

Anyone els have a favorite, or perfect company for them.

(I can hear CLYW already…)

In fact, the 2 CLYW’s I have tried I didn’t favor them soo.


So far, I’ve liked all the YYFs I’ve used save the popstar, and even then, didn’t think it was that bad. Liking the yelets, but it’s a little… too smooth, I guess, but need to run s’more one drops to really say.


18 of the 27 yoyos I have are SPYY yoyos. All 18 are different models. For me I think SPYY is my number one favorite. CLYW comes in at number two favorite, taking 6 of the remaining 9 spots. Then General Yo at spot number three with 2 Model 10s.

SPYY just does it for me. The finishes, the colors, the spikes ( gotta love those spikes :)), and that ultra smooth spin keep me coming back for more. Not sure why more people aren’t into them.

(SR) #4

General Yo.

Side note: iYoYo58 please do not post in this thread. We know. K?


I’ve been the proud owner of many different Ilyy and Spyy. They’re different and unique and they play outstandingly well.
Surprisingly enough no shameless plugs from me here…
But seriously hats off to you Spy and Ilyy which non traditional designs that perform and/or outperform the top notch stuff out there, I’ve loved every throw I’ve owned by each company respectively.


We really need to stop giving iyoyo58 grief over that XD

Anyway, I love my YYR.



I don’t have a favorite company, but I started with YYF and liked all their models. The Capless really clicks with me, but its my only C3 so I can’t say about the rest.


Spyy is seriously amazing, fursure my “perfect” company. One drop comes in a close second, gotta love those side effects.


I’ll probably be the only here to say Yomega. I’m picky with the shape of my throws so that’s why I like their 1a metal throws, they just suit me more than any other company. For example the Kerrari, Smoov/Groov, Dash, Maverick and Blazer.

I’m not very fond of the Glide’s shape it’s just too modern for my taste but it’s an overall amazing player. With these new throws Dan is working on I’m hoping at least one leans towards a little bit of a classic shape since most of the ones I prefer are discontinued.


What 2 CLYW throws did you try? I don’t think you can kick away CLYW until you try the Chief and Avalanche.

Anyway, One Drop isn’t really for me. I have a Code 2, Cascade, and a Dietz. I love my Dietz to death. I’m looking around the BST to see what I can trade my mint with box Cascade and code 2.


It’s hard for me to have brand loyalty these days. I’ve got some Gen-yo, 3yo3, One Drop, CLYW and some other random throws that caught my eye. Looking forward to trying some Square Wheels and Recrev.


So far, clyw. I love the few throws I have from them. But the customer service is half of the clyw experience.

The perfect company for me goes above and beyond the product. It’s about presentation, customer service and a few other things. Look at clyw’s artwork and the way they hand stamp boxes. Ever talked to Chris? He always answers every question and email. He’s a nice guy! Heck, he and the guys signed my yoyo box last order because I asked.

Having said that, I would love to play a general yo and talk to Eddy.


These companies make my favorite throws:

-One Drop

There is a lot of great stuff out there from other companies, though. I don’t limit myself.

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #14

Gotta get your hands on a Monkeyfinger. Best anno on the market, and smooth throw.
After that I"m a SPYY/CLYW fan as well. The Cascade is the first One drop I’ve loved, though I like the feel of the Code 1.


Whichever company has the yoyo’s you think looks coolest.

Basically, go with your gut.


I haven’t played enough different yoyos from enough different companies to have a very qualified opinion, but…

MFD indeed has the best ano! Amazing, really. Play-wise, I need to try another MFD or two. In the meantime, between the only two companies I’ve had significant enough experience with, I enjoy SPYY marginally more than CLYW and am up to 7 SPYYs now.

Haven’t tried a high-end Japanese throw, for the indignant YYR fans that are about to appear. :wink: So I’m admitting I don’t really know how they compare.


#1: YYR: I only own 1 (a blink), but whoa baby, what a yoyo.

#2: CLYW: I own an Arctic Circle, Gnarwhal, & Summit. I have spent hours throwing a Chief & Avalanche. CLYW has some major consistency. Every one I have tried has been incredible.

#3: C3YoYo: Cheap, pretty, and high performance. My Dibase2 is my go to pocket throw. It does everything I ask of it.

#4: OneDrop: I own a Code2 & Summit. Played a Code1 for a good while. Wonderful high performance yoyos. Side Effects rock.


Chief and Sasquatch…

The Chief was good, little to big for my hand, the sasquatch was good, but it didnt click.

I am a strange person, some yoyos when i throw them click.


Not strange at all. I felt the same way about the Chief. It’s a great throw and I can’t find anything wrong with it. It just doesn’t click with me either.



It was weird, the first time I tried a Dietz I loved it, then it wasn’t my favorite, and now i like it.

I don’t know what it is, but you can tell what you like by what you play with more.