1 Company

If you could only use yoyos from 1 Company for your entire life, but you had all their yoyos, which company would you choose?

I have three favorite companies, only one of which is still in operation. General-Yo all the way.

CLYW :slight_smile:

One Drop would be a close second

I’d naturally want to say Anti-Yo, but I’d really miss my fixed axles. So if I had to just have 1 company, I’d probably say Tom Kuhn. No Jives, SB2, and an SB4 for unresponsive.

P.S. Unless, Spencer gets around to making a fixed axle, then maybe his yoyos, Walter, Theodore and a fixed by Spencer.

Or, my dream, AntiYo gets back in business and makes a fixed axle yoyo ;D

Either would have to go with clyw or yyf. I really like clyw color ways and the feel of the yoyos but yyf has such a diverse selection of yoyos: 1-5A, nine dragons, and some novelty type stuff.

I would say OD but YYF is a very close second

OD because I’m an Oregonian and they have good yoyos

Take the bearing out and put a string on the yoyo :wink: or even make a wood transaxle to go over the existing axel :wink:

YoyoFactory. They make plenty of everything. There are so many different materials, shapes, models, sizes, weights, and styles of play they have worked on. I could never get bored. They even made spin tops and foot bags recently, so I’d like to add those into my little scenario too. :smiley:

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Sengoku. Always pushing the envelope.

My first thought it CLYW, never played a yoyo by them I didn’t like, and I’ve played more than 50% of their current line up. But as others have said, YYF is so diverse, a piece of everything, and some of which I like as much as my favorite CLYW. So YYF, no regrets. Although, I would miss the CLYW finish/ color ways. But I don’t play with yoyo’s just to admire the color :wink:

Putting my own input in here I’d have to go with TropicSpins

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T

One drop all the way

This is a great question to fantasize about. YYF immediately jumped to mind, due to variety. However, like AaronW, I like my fixed axle (probably unlike him, I can’t make a YYF Legend work for my modern fixed play). So, I think in my dream world I have to say SPYY - they have a variety of models (sadly most no longer in production) including titanium, and, since this is my dream world, the TMBR x SPYY x YYE eH would would count as SPYY. If the eH didn’t count, then, to stick with fixed axle requirement - 44rpm. I would need to learn to rock their Moon.

Well that’s a silly question…

CLYW for sure

For me? CLYW without hesitation or question. 8)

For me there is none.
Since I’m hard pressed to find any company who makes great 1a, 2a, and fixed axle wooden yoyos at once. Never tried any Tom Kuhn but for some reason I’m not feeling comfortable with the idea of having the SB4 as the only modern 1a model. The closest ones are Yomega and Duncan but they don’t make ‘modern’ fixed axle woody, though they have some nice plastic fixie.