If you could only use one companies yoyos...

what if you could only use one companies yoyos? what company would you pick? this is just for fun.

I would probably pick YoYoFactory, not because i like their throws the most, just because they have the most variety in what they put out.

I would go for one drop because I love side effects.

Probably Duncan. They have every style of play covered. They don’t have my favorite yoyos but I do really like them.

General Yo or CLYW

I’d probably run with Werrd if I had to choose a solo company. Though my favorite yoyo for the past year and a half has been a Wooly Markmont.

YoyoRecreation or CLYW
Probably YYR though bc they have a 4A yoyo
And I’m a 4A FIEND

For me it would be Yoyojam. Pretty much love everything they’ve done recently!

Yoyojam. They make 1a/2a/3a/4a/5a yoyos. I’d be able to use aall styles of yoyos.

I’d go with sOMEThING by [Mickey’s store] because I want to support new brands :]

Either Onedrop or SPYY. I do love side effects.

While I’m one to support new companies if I could only pick one company I would pick Spyy as well. Plenty of yoyos to choose from, good quality and amazing customer service. Plus, they aren’t one of the smallest nor largest so I would still feel like I was supporting a more personnel company rather than a lager corporation.


YoyoJam :wink:

(then HSPIN as a 2nd choice)

I’de go with oxygen, because they’re small and expensive. Although they make expensive and titanium throws so I’d be okay with this

Yoyorecreation. Never played one I didn’t love.

I would have to say Yoyofactory or General Yo. Yoyofactory cause they have the 888, and General Yo because they make amazing yoyo’s!

Duncan or YoYoJam.
Duncan’s been there since I started yoyoing and are widely available online and in classic brick & mortar stores…and as said, they have every style of play covered.

I do like YoYoJam as well since they too cover a lot, have excellent beginner throws as well as some nice high end stuff. I just wish they had more metals in their arsenal.

I agree. Duncan is also making a wider variety of stuff. The Metropolis is pretty nice, and the Momentum isn’t half bad either. Of course, stuff like the FHZ, I wish they’d make a more “professional” version by making a silicone recess and losing those stuckers. The FH2/Freakhand is not too bad once the bearings are cleaned.

But I think If I had to pick one brand, I’d probably pick YoYoJam as well. Good selection from noob to competition, lots of variety in between in shapes sizes, specialities. They have stuff for all styles from 1A to 5A. I also wish they had a larger selection of metals. I like my Eneme and Phenom. They got the plastic/metal thing down to a science. The new series of stuff seems to be based around the Chaser-type style, but that’s fine. Plenty of variety in that as well.

I’m tied between yoyofactory and one drop.

Yoyojam or onedrop. :slight_smile: