What is the nicest company

What is the nicest company. If you’ve ever met some sponsored players, decide a company that is nicest. NOT trying to be mean to any companies . . . just asking. (DO NOT PUT YOUR FAVORITE PLAYERS PLEASE) Thanks!

They’re all pretty darn nice companies. Great customer service because the market is so small. They also do more than is necessary.

One drop guys are super chill I just met up with Clifton he is super nice

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X3, even if their players are not as “pro” as most of the other companies, they are all very friendly and easy going people :smiley:

From what I know One Drop is the best company around as far as openness and receiving others, since they will give you a tour and AMAZING discounts if you go to the shop. They also stand behind their products 100% and make awesome yoyos, as well as machine them for other companies.

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Yyj has the best bendfits and all the players are awsome

I’ve had direct experience with YYJ and can say nothing negative. I had lube bottles with bad tips, they replaced the tips. Fast response, fast results. They seem to care.

My contact with YYF was yoyo-related. I asked them if they wanted support services for BAC. While YYF declined my service offer, I have to say my dealing with them was still extremely positive. I waited 3 days for a response, which honestly wasn’t that bad, considering this was non-urgent and not important to supporting real customers with real issues. Of course, I do have several YYF’s and more planned, but this wasn’t going to change my mind regardless of the outcome.

On a tangent, I sent a yoyo to Landon Ballk, of 3Yo3. While I haven’t played one of his yoyos yet, I will own one soon. My dealings with him were amazing. The yoyo I sent turned out to be in far worse shape than I suspected and ended up requiring a massive repair. The results: amazing!!

With One Drop, I had a problem registering on their forum. I sent a brief email explaining how their SMTP daemon was behind in specs and that is why my server bounced their registration email. They fixed the problem for me in 24 hours. I wasn’t expecting such a fast turn-around.

YoYo is a small niche industry. If they don’t have good customer service, they won’t be around long at all.

One Drop resonds really fast. Like within a minute- literally . . .YYJ is pretty nice, haven’t emailed YYF much, nevertheless their nice too.

The One Drop guys are the best!

I also love Rick from Madhouse too!!!

Depends on whos borken product I am holding. But who ever that is, is normaly the nicest. :slight_smile:

Gotta give love and props to the guys at One Drop!

And while I haven’t met them - the G Squared guys are tops in my book! Always quick with the response!

CLYW and Squared Wheels are real nice, too!

The guys over at One Drop are personal, fast, kind, funny an they run a very open company. On top of this they make excellent yoyos.

FPYY is in my opinion I know both there players and the owner and there all really nice and have even gave me free yoyos a time or 2 :slight_smile:

I have never met anyone who is unpleasant from any company, they’re all really laid back. I’m talking about players and owners, here.

I’ve been doing this for about 14 years now… I’ve dealt with every major company there is, and know most of them personally… I consider many of them to be friends.

Without a doubt, OneDrop wins. They are by far the most open and friendly towards their customers, they not only want you to love their products, they want you to enjoy yoyoing and learn as much as you can. They share their knowledge freely and without restraint. That is a rare thing in any industry.

All of the other companies (yyf, yyj, duncan, etc) have their good and bad spots now and then. On the whole, most are very friendly and helpful… as others have said, you kinda have to be in this industry. I could go into examples of good/bad for each company, but doesn’t really matter.


YYJ nuff said

Super necro. And u seem to like yyj a lot. U should try other throws!:slight_smile:

All companies are amazing. I have yet to email or talk to someone that is rude. That is a main reason to continue doing this.

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Don’t post in old threads, it’s against the rules.

Also, yeah, branch out from YYJ… I know people can like what they want, but if all you’re getting is YYJ it’s time to try new things. YYJ isn’t the best anymore, they quit doing that in 2005 :stuck_out_tongue:

I know this is a necro but… shmeh

I like OD, and I also like CLYW. Chris always responds to my emails, as do OD guys. I’ve hung out with Ten Yo, and they are super cool.

But ive have some negative experiences with YYJ.

you my friend insult me >:( lol jk every one has those opinions. Plus I’m loyal to YYJ. I have a “Fever”(pun intended)