Yo-yo Companies

What is your favorite company?
And which do you think is the best? I was thinking Yoyo Jam or One Drop? Is Yomega a pretty good company? Cause I see lots of people who have Mavericks like me ;D

My favorite yoyo comes from CLYW but 7 of my eleven yo-yos are from YYF. you decide which means more haha


My personal favorite company is General Yo. I’ve been pretty much loyal to them since I first tried their yoyos back in 2009. They’re just so dang good, especially their latest release, the Majesty.

I think for a lot of people though, the best company is CLYW. They make some of the best competition yoyos out there and have some of the coolest guys on their team. They’ve started to get ahead in terms of yoyo competitions, with players like Zach Gormley, who seems to be getting some big titles lately.

I also think One Drop could be a contender, they make some high end yoyos too, built for competition, just like CLYW. They have some really nice stuff.

You can’t go without mentioning YoYoFactory, who makes a broad selection of products for every skill level. Their higher end stuff is super nice, and their yoyos are used frequently to win competitions. YoYoFactory also has probably the most competition titles under their belt, because of their large team and some of the incredible players they’ve had on it. In terms of competition, I think YoYoFactory wins.

I wouldn’t consider YoYoJam and Yomega anywhere near the best, while they have some nice yoyos, you don’t see them being geared towards competition. I think CLYW, One Drop, and YYF are pretty much the best companies according to what I’ve observed over the past 3 years. That’s at least what most people would say here.

What would be a yo yo you would recommend for competition and performance that is cheap and has a good sleep(and durability)

It’s really difficult to way which company is best

High end companies make excellent competition grade yoyos. Companies like One Drop, CLYW, YYF have all proven their yoyos on the stage with some of the best/most innovative players around today.

Other companies don’t have nearly as much sway on stage, but they do excellent things for the community. Duncan, YYJ, and Yomega have been promoting yoyoing and have attracted many players to the spobby. Duncan and YYJ offer some of the best beginner yoyos out there, and even offer discount bulk deals for yoyo club and give aways. Yomega was a huge part of the yoyo boom a couple of decades ago. Talk with anyone who was around during the yoyo boom - The first (and often only) yoyo they mention is the Brain.

It’s probably better to recognize what certain companies do for the community individually rather than asking which company is best. Even the companies that don’t make yoyos that win contests are incredibly important to what yoyoing is today.

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Try and stay on topic. if you’re looking for help, start a thread in the help/recommendation part of the forum. Thanks

For me it is a toss up between CLYW and SPYY.

My favorite yoyo company is General-Yo. The best yoyo company for me would be CLYW or OneDrop. God Bless - Moefv

YYF is the Walmart of yoyo companies. You can’t beat their quality and prices. They save it on labor.
Also, I own 5.

It’s all favoritism and personal preference. One of my favorite throws is a shinwoo and I bet not one single person would say they are the best company. Like alot of others said,As far as competition level throws yomega hasn’t produced many that compete w/ c3 or one drop ect. If you we’re to ask a random person on the street to name a yoyo brand they would probably answer Duncan or yomega. Does that make those companies the best? Not really but like I said to some people they might be. If it was off numbers there is no doubt it would be yomega Duncan or YYF(< which I personally think is the best lol)

Exactly. they are able to produce in such bulk that the prices they offer often cannot be matched my smaller companies such as One Drop or CLYW. On the opposite end of the spectrum, producing in bulk does cause the quality to suffer slightly.

I would say Clyw/ general yo and One Drop


Well Im biased. Anti-Yo and One Drop are my favs. But that Magnum I throw around cant be beat, so General Yo gets added to the mix.
Untill I got these S Kons and that SaveDeth good and evil from Deth himself, I only threw American made throws. Now I have 2 from japan and one from the Swiss, everything else I own is American made, I like it that way.
Also I personaly know the blokes who made my stuff, and we are all good friends, That can not be beat.
Buy American.

I like One Drop, CLYW and General Yo equally… They all make great playing/looking yoyos and all three are very different in style and representation. Between the three of them I am happy… I stopped collecting other companies throws so I could own more of these three or as I like to call them the “Big Three”

It’s not the quantity that causes decreased quality. It’s where they are made.

Unless your talking quality control, based on them testing before selling them.

I agree.

You can have both quality and quantity, but you have to be sure those making the quantity also care about the quality. Because yoyos are such a precision item. the quality has to come first, and then quantity second. That’s why there’s only so many shops who are making a consistent level of yoyos.

In general, the way they are made to meet the quantity they stride for causes the product to suffer in quality. Not saying I don’t enjoy YYF, i have 7, it just seems like every time I buy s yoyo from another company, it is often better IMO. I do agree that quantity and quality can coexist

YYF offers very few higher end yoyos which one may consider competition throws which are cheaper than other so called competition companies such as CLYW or One Drop. They have budget throws, but when you start comparing max prices, there is not a lot of wiggle room.

I agree with this, which also explains why so many smaller companies see so much popularity and interest. Controlled production runs allows very close quality control, and eliminating only one or two instead of a whole production batch would be less costly as well.

As for my favorite yoyo company, I’d have to say it is ILYY with my recent acquisition of a 2012 Fury