Which Yo-Yo Brand is Better

I can’t decide wich yoyo Brand is better.
*yoyo factory
*yoyo jam
Which one do you think is better?

Just like this is no best yo-yo, there is no best brand. Please do not post there kinds of topics as it is quite annoying. Thank-You! :wink:

  1. Please don’t use the word addment. It was created by Pheenix, and is his word, so it looses its uniqueness if everyone is using it.

  2. That thread doesn’t work in terms of companies.

Anyway, its all personal preference. It depends on what company you prefer more.

I was just asking which brand you THOUGHT was better

yes but you also said YOU cant DECIDE which brand was better.

In my opinion, YoYoFactory pwns them all with ease.

It depends what you mean. Better in the sense of products or as a company in general?

the sense of products

more advanced level yyf beginer to advanced yyj


He spoke the words right out of my mouth!

Once again, prefernce. For example, I like YYF better then CLYW.

And I also like Onedrop more then those 2, but thats because I havent tried both of them.

I prefer CLYW over any other brand, but YYF and YYJ are pretty close.

Then how would you know?

I know, I was stating my opinion.
Although YYF is getting kinda close.

I would say YYF.

With the SuperStar?

Whats clyw stand for

caribou lodge yoyo works