what is your favorite brand


please vote


Anti-yo :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t say that I have a favorite brand but I do have one brand that made a commitment to my school club that I will always be thankful for.

That company did so much for the club, discounted throws, string, stickers, prizes, and incredible customer service. Without that company it would have been so much more difficult to put yoyos into so many hands, but thanks to that company, it was a delight! The support provided was massive and appreciated so: Thanks, YYF for everything. Ben, Hans, and Patrick your efforts and generosity will always be appreciated. I’m certain I’d be thanking Steve as well, if he had been with YYF then.


I really like CLYW and One Drop about the same, but One Drop’s most expensive yoyo, the Valor, (not counting Summit since it’s also CLYW) is $120, while, excluding the Yeti, usually the solids for CLYWs are $140-$145, with the splashes being even more. Although CLYW’s B-grades are cheaper than One Drop’s. But, all in all, One Drop wins for me.


Probably YYF. I think I’ve had more of them than any other brand besides Duncan, and they’ve all been of high quality.


G2, CLYW, Monkeyfinger, One Drop of the smaller companies.
Duncan has been stepping it up a lot lately. Yoyofactory is huge and awesome for all levels. Yomega as well has been putting out some great stuff. These are great days for the Yoyo player. The choices are limitless as are some prices too? Anyone pick up a $650 Dazzler?

  1. They actually travel around, in person, shake hands, meet people, teach them tricks, and turn them into yo-yoers.

And, when they are making yo-yos that look like this, how could I resist?

Shutter by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr

ShutterAnn by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr

Cyborg by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr

Cyborg by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr

PulsarSuperstar by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr

Aviator by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr

H.O.T. Aint Nothin Edition by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr

Proton Galaxy by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr

Northstar Aurora Borealis by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr

From the YoyoFactory Song, by T.A.:

A variety of yo-yos to be all that you are,
So many throws Starlite to the Shaqlerstar.
Made by players that’s just how you want it,
2A players they throw that Loop 900.
They made it all, so even when you’re on the go,
take a small PopStar it’s a pocket throw.
Tricks are clean, Avant Garde plays like a dream,
black and green plastic stacked grind machine.
YoyoFactory’s in it’s prime with the greatest team,
Harold Owens, Gentry Stein and Jason Lee.
John Ando, Paul Han, players you’ve got to see,
Tyler Severance, JonRob, Ann Connolly.
Miggy Correa, the competition is so strong,
Your favorite players throwing Chaotic or Proton.
Nice tricks, it’s nothing new to me,
Cause I usually, see horizontal tricks played on the Super G.
YoyoFactory sales the best and you know that,
Got something in the mail, and YoyoExpert sent your Pro Pack.
Cause they’re giving competition here no slack,
More in the future with no plans to hold back.
Make way, make room, cause they’re coming through,
with extra bearings, extra string, your favorite multi tool.
It’s crazy fun when haters get in the way,
Titanium now you’re loving that Richochet.
Superstar redesigned and made a comeback,
Right on time, cause they knew that you would love that.
They put 1000 titaniums in your hands,
Follow on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
Cause when a throw plays nice, you know it has to be,
MVP…888, it’s YoyoFactory. :wink:

You know how Da Fact’ry song goes…
T.A. copyright '2013


A damnable lie.
Solid Sasquatch is 119
Solid Bonfire is also 119
Solid Avalanche is 115
Solid Wooly Marmot two is 135
Solid ACII is 135
Puffin 2 is 135 as well.
If you kids are gonna get all butt-hurt over paying ten-fifteen dollars more for fancy colorways, at least get them right.
Those prices look right in line with what the rest of the ccompanies are doing. Don’t want to pay for the fancy color? Don’t buy it.

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DC is b pretty good. I like their clothing lines.
If I had to say my favorite favorite though it’s probably hostess. Those little cupcakes with the swirl icing? Sole reason I’m a lard.



This is kinda short on yoyo companies. How about general-yo?


My favourite is probably still SPYY… but that nostalgia is wearing out as I try more and more yoyos. Lately I feel a lot of love for Spin Dynamics and One Drop. CLYW and General-Yo are probably next on that list. In terms of straight-up great yoyos at reasonable prices, 2sickyoyos has really come on strong awfully quickly!

I haven’t played their first yoyo yet, but I’m already digging Sorry Yoyos. :slight_smile:

I’ve also never had much except good things to say about YYF. They really took care of me when I bought my first cheap-o modern yoyo, the Velocity. And they’ve proven to me with every model I’ve tried (including an Avant Garde that I loved and the 2014 Genesis that is mind-blowing) that they produce amazing yoyos at reasonable prices.


CLYW and OD are tied for first place.


Werrd has some of my favorite people to hang out with but C3 puts out some fun videos and are pretty awesome people


my favourite brand is YYF because the yoyos i prefer are from YYF.
Monster, MVP1 and 2, Rockstar, Equilateral, Roll Model, One Star, Genesis…


Pfff… dunno why I even replied to this thread. Perfectly good thread, but now the more brands that get mentioned, the more I think, “OH yeah, love those guys, too!”

Cases in point: Werrd and C3. The Minute and Pacquiao are all-time favourites of mine, and the C3 Krown was my “pick of the litter” when I had most of YYE’s stock to choose from (had allowed myself to get a budget-almost-unrestricted new yoyo).


Gen-yo fo’ the win!




Fixed :wink:

Nah, but fr reelz. I love Spin Dynamics for quite a few reasons. One is because, I know everyone that is on the team. Completely local, for me. For some, One Drop or Clyw is local, but I have a lot of love for that small company. I would need to write a book for all the other reasons

Another is YYF. I do love all of my throws from their except for that pesky shutter still giving me problems. They all just play so nice


Due to my current favorite throw being my Bapezilla.2, I’m gonna say Anti-yo. However, since they’ve essentially quit the game, I’d have to say YYF.

They really have a product for absolutely everybody. They have cheap, responsive, plastic throws for beginners. They have great looping models as far as I’ve heard. They have a huge selection of budget metal throws, even responsive style metals which is cool. Then they also have high end metals and even a really affordable titanium. And each different tier of throws, except their only titanium of course, has a bunch of different shapes to appeal to basically anybody and everybody’s preferences.

Plus, I’m really excited about the shape of the yoyo in tonight’s teaser for the mystery pack… I love me nice round shapes, and that looks beautiful.