Who is your favorite YoYo maker? (merged)

What is you favorite yoyo company?


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I really enjoy CLYW yoyos, though they are a bit expensive! I REALLY respect YoYofficer for the quality of yoyos that they produce for the prices, it’s really amazing that they can do that. And then of course OneDrop’s SE system is absolutely revolutionary, so there’s always that.

It’s a tough question! Though I have more Caribou Lodge yoyos than any other company

Tied between One Drop and YoyoFactory

I’d have to say One Drop. Not only do they make amazing products, but all of my favorite yoyo’s have been made by them, One Drop’s, Anti-Yo’s and CLYW’s.

CLYW’s image and marketing just do it for me, though I am not blind to other high quality, and often cheaper, throws out there, I just like this company best, and love every throw of theirs I can get my hands on, which is a grand total of 3 at the moment

One drop. The just continue to amaze me with new designs that work, as well as doing great machining for other companies

This or CLYW

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Tied up between Tome Kuhn and TMBR.

Wih this upcoming release, Broke Village might be taking that spot.

Besides my own, YYF and OD FTW.


Oh man… I can’t really pick a favourite, but I do have a soft spot for the guys at OD.

I do like YoYoFactory (most of my yoyos are from them), but I also like Werrd. They both produce nice yoyos. Unfortunately, I don’t have a CLYW, so I can’t review that.

General yo

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How are you liking my new signature? :wink:


I love it. I’m thinking about doing something similar, something practical.

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At my first yoyo meet, DXL, Ernie and some other guys like James Reed were there. Ernie was showing off his new throw the Majesty with the custom hand-turned boxes too. I was amazed lol… especially since all I had at that time was an 888x.

General-Yo will forever be my favorite company. I have about 8 of them so far :slight_smile:

How did I know :smiley:

I agree, General-Yo’s quality is rivaled by few others. The prices are also pretty reasonable. Not to mention how cool Ernie is! General-Yo will forever be my favorite.

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Yyf and onedrop both make fantastic throws. There are a lot of other companies I need to give a try though.

I like Duncan.