Favorite Company

What is your favorite yoyo company, and what is your favorite throw from that company?

The one that makes yoyos, and the one that does tricks easily. :D. But seriously though, I haven’t tried enough yoyos and and companies to know. I like the Shutter though (sadly) and the Avalanche and Summit though, if that means anything.

I’m in the same boat, I haven’t tried a ton of yoyos yet, but I gotta say, my CLYW’s are great. I also love my MF Caesar though, and my OD Argonaut…

Can I just like all of them?

What’s wrong with liking the shutter?

G-Squared…The Albatross is my favorite yoyo that has ever graced my hands,after that yet again G-squared its a string 3 way tie Nessie,triton and the aftershock…just try them and you’ll understand why


Can’t choose one. So here are all of them.

Anti Yo - YWET
CLYW - Bonfire
One Drop - MC
Tom Kuhn - No Jive
Tmbr - eH

[/thread] as far as im concerned.

This may sound like a bit of a stupid reason to like a company best, but I like One Drop best because of their Side Effect type yoyos.

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The side effect system is actually really cool IMO, I like changing the feel of my Argonaut with 20 seconds, at maximum, of work.

After some playing with my collection, I gotta say CLYW makes the favorite yoyos in my collection

I have yet to try many yoyos from many brands, but so far, I just know the little metal thing at the end of my string was worth the money when I throw my CLYWs

not stupid at all. after dealing with axle issues with another brand’s yoyo (same one you had problems with) i will only buy one drop metal yoyos. ‘unfortunately’ the mmc is so good i cant think of a single other metal yoyo id want.

CLYW, been absolutely loving the Advance Scout since I got it


YoyoFactory! There are so many great models, that it’s impossible to choose just one favorite. I wish I could. But, my newest favorite is the TooH.O.T. I like them, because they always have something new coming along, and neat ways to keep buyers tuned in. They have killer colorways, and I like the way they give back to the community. The people at YoyoFactory have been very kind since I started yo-yoing.

https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5608/15019927464_5d35f03b01_n.jpgYYFlogo by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

“I’m into this, I just throw my Genesis.
Or Supernova, pass a Protostar over,
I know to, put it into my FAST holder.
A variety of yoyos to be all that you are,
So many throws, Starlite to the Shaqlerstar.
Made by players, that’s just how you want it,
2A players, they throw a Loop 900.
They made it all, so even when you’re on the go,
Take a small Popstar, it’s a pocket throw.
tricks are clean, Avant Garde plays like a dream,
black and green plastic stacked Grind Machine.
YoyoFactory in it’s prime with the greatest team,
Harold Owens, Gentry Stein and Jason Lee.
John Ando, Paul Han, players you’ve got to see,
Tyler Severance, JonRob, Ann Connolly.
Miggy Correa, competition is so strong,
Your favorite players throwing Chaotic or Proton.
Nice tricks, it’s nothing new to me, cause I usually,
See horizontal tricks played on the Super G.”

Lyric excerpt from “YoyoFactory Song,” by T.A., The Yo’Fact’ry poet. :wink:

If I go through each company there are probably 3 or 4 yoyos that I really like from that company. I used to think I had a favorite Yoyo company, but I don’t think I do. There’s so many yoyos that I like from every company.

I think most companies make good stuff but you are asking what company.

As a company YYF cannot be beat for the plain and simple fact that they stand behind the sport.

YYF is there and involved in every aspect, not simply making yoyo’s. They make yoyo’s for every need, age and price. I believe that they are really interested in each of us.

Having spent a day in Chandler I believe it even more…


sOMEThING, Werrd and General

To this day imo only their products still retain the matlab syrup flavor artistry of pre-888 metal yoyos.

YYF: TooHot, Shutter, Horizon

(I actually don’t own a Shutter or Horizon at the time, but I love them)