Favorite Brand/Yoyo Company/WHATS YOUR FAVORITE YOYO! (merged)

Feel free to comment about any other brand you like…

Saturn Precision Yo- Yos. 8)


PS-You’re missing some key companies up there like one drop. Just letting you know.

The reason why these threads never work is because no one ever lists EVERY yoyo company, or EVERY yoyo.

For the record however, my favorite company is one drop.

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I don’t see why people keep putting polls up because within the first 5 replies there’s at least 2 complaints about “missing this, missing that”.

I can’t pinpoint a favorite brand, or even a favorite yoyo. I personally am a big fan of variety and I have a lot of stuff by a lot of brands.

I like CLYW. I mean, who doesn’t. I have 5 of their throws, and am trying to get a Sasquatch off BST. The look, the performance, what’s not to like? Just got an Avalanche and am really liking that even more so over the gnarwal. I got a 2nd Run Peak as well and that plays sweet.

But, then again, there’s One Drop. Between the 54 and Code 1, I like the oversized Code 1 better. Buyt, they are both so different, which lets me switch things up.

However, there’s YYJ, which has the honor of being my first “real” modern yoyo, a DM2, which, I really really REALLY like a whole lot. I also have Speeder 2 which I like a lot as well, but I like the DM2 more.

I have other brands too. Werrd, H-Spin, YYF, Duncan, Yomega, Crucial, RecRev, Aoda. Everything brings something different in a good way.

I really can’t choose. Right now, my DM2 is my main go-to throw. So, if that’s what I have to base it on, I have t say YYJ. But that Code 1 is creeping up to take the #1 position. I also have a customized FHZ that is really a sweet player too…

I guess I’m saying I can’t choose and I like a lot of stuff. I don’t want to decide!

Oh Yeh!!! 8)

Right On. Love My SPYY

I hate brands

Mine is Yoyofactory

I dont really have a favorite


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I voted One Drop because my Dietz is by far my favorite throw and I love the guys on their team, although I own other brands such as YYF, Duncan, Yomega, and Yoyojam. I enjoy all of my yoyos in different ways and each brand has unique teams. OD has Zammy and Mr Grimes awesome Highspeed videos. Duncan has one of the most well rounded and biggest teams and their attitude is awesome for the yoyo community, YYF has some great up and comers as well as veterans.

I sure love me some SPYY.

I think this is my favorite post today

I like to use yoyofactory

I like all brands with good yoyo’s.

I’m not sure…I only have a Dark magic 1 and what I think is a yomega brain but it doesn’t have the atom picture on it…


Well, actually, I believe that it’s “the one that’s legit.”

Mine is the Canvas or Wooly Marmot.

Aoda, Auldey, Magic Yoyo, Yoyo UFO, 91Yoyo, Qixia, all my favorite brands!

All kidding aside…

I like One Drop and CLYW.


I also like one drop and styy


Brand loyalty? Gave that idea up looooong ago. Now I’m just yoyo loyal!