Favorite Brand/Yoyo Company/WHATS YOUR FAVORITE YOYO! (merged)

My favorite brands are the ones that I got while hiking at Philmont. I branded a number of things, and they look great!

One Drop


ILYY!!! they make the smoothest throws and look amazing I have three and can’t stop throwing them. Really I think I have a problem :stuck_out_tongue:

CLYW Is the best company ever

I’m a be a hipster and Say One Drop and Big Brother yoyos were my favorites…Finally got a pre pro Wedgie by BB and an M1 by OD…SO HAPPY!


General Yo

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So? At least his comment contributed.

It’s not like this is a BST thread.

I’ve always been partial to CLYW. Not because of their yoyos, specifically, but because it feels like such a home-grown, mom and pop, company.

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General Yo

Some favorites of mine from them-
Majesty, KLR, Essence

Favorite company is yyj, but my favorite company’s yoyos are C3yoyodesign.

CLYW is so homey and feels just right and they’re not pretentious and I really like that

but any yoyo that plays good I guess. I don’t try to favor though

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That’s exactly why I like them. BTW who is necro? I haven’t been on the forums that long.

Necro is when you post in an old topic.

Oh!!! I just was looking in the search bar for a topic where I could say what my fav company was and then I picked the one with the most posts, assuming it to be popular!!!

I just figured out that means SPYY…


Am I the only TenYoYo fan out there? TenYoYo all the way!

Mine is Yoyo Jam and Yomega ;D