What is your favorite manufacturer?

What is your favorite manufacturer?

because their yoyos are awesome and so are caribous/canada!!! ;D

so far, no favorite

they all make good throws and they all have something different to offer. I don’t really see any standing out from the others

yyf is doing some good
But I have had one throw with a BA hattrick and I wish I had one, probably the best thing I have ever tried so YYF/General-Yo

Duncan, SPYY, and YYJ

Aoda, followed by a 3-way tie between SPYY, CLYW, and YYF.

OneDrop, and I’m pretty sure the next 50 comments will be Caribou Lodge, never tried a CLYW though…

yyf and rec rev

You need to try one. They are total awesome. I’m pretty sure Sasquatches, Avalanches, and BvMs are all still in stock.

id love to get one but there so darned expensive

yyf is my favorite :slight_smile:

BTW, yoyomatt2, awesome signature. i am so part of that 3%. :smiley:

Throw Duncan! :slight_smile:

OneDrop Design.

I just paid a visit to these guys and can attest to their devotion to quality products and the integrity of design. Not only do they pay meticulous attention to their craft - they are really nice guys.

CLYW - their products are fantastic. I have never had a bad CLYW.
Vs Newton - General Yo - Tough to get, but when you do - you know it will be good.

YoYoJam - I can’t wait to see what they follow the Phenom with…
YYF - Hey, they may be a target to some - but they make great yo-yos.

I love they who make great yoyos.

Duncan = Love :smiley:

One Drop, ILYY, General-Yo, Madhouse. Just not the biggest fan of YYF. I’ve had many problems with yoyos right out the box from them.

spyy c3 yoyo design and clyw 1 drop oxygene

Onedrop, YYJ, and Hspin. but if i had to choose one of the three it would probly be HSPIN.

YoYoFactory :wink:

none, I’ve only used Audley