fav yoyo compony

mine is yyj ;D

1st yoyofactory
2nd yoyojam
3rd i dont have a 3rd ;D

The ol’ Lodge and the ol’ Factory. ::slight_smile:

  1. CLYW
  2. YYF
  3. Duncan

YYF just due to their range and prices

other, its whatever mood i’m in.

if i’m mad, then its bully and looping

if i’m tired, skyy chacer

and for every other emotion, i change it up

  1. CLYW
  2. One Drop
  3. ILYY

YYF ;D (so far i want to try some clyw)

Of the ones I tried, CLYW. I’m sure it’s going to stay that way. Maybe once I try the Remnant I will change my mind…

I have yet to try a clyw, general-yo, or an ilyy, but if i try any of those i will probably change my mind,
so far it is Yoyofactory


  1. YYF
  2. YYJ
  3. Caribou Lodge

Other. General-Yo

I have three favorites, they are:

  1. Yoyojam (my main favorite)
  2. Yoyofactory
  3. Yomega

Well currently is IKYO.

One drop is cool.
Then yo-yo Factory.

  1. odyy

i like Spyys designs better but never played one.

Wow, there’s actually one person who voted HSpin…