What is your favorite yoyo brand?


Mine would probably be Yoyofactory or CLYW.


C3,clyw,yyo,myy,yyr,yyj and one drop


I haventtried enough to know :open_mouth: so I’ll just say the brands Ireally want to try more of :slight_smile: Definitely CLYW, they got a lotof rep andtheir yoyos look amazing as well… Id also like to try some C3s, some of the more higher end yyf and yyj, and maybe onedrop


YYR and C3 are my two favourites.



Spy, clyw, one drop


All of them haven’t tried them all yet.




Haven’t tried enough. But just by looking SPYY, ILYY, CLYW,
Ra Yo-yo’s, and 3yo3.


One Drop and YYF YYJ


Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works.


general yo nuff said




With all these General-yo fans, it feels like “once you go General-yo, you never go back.”


Not true, just that General Yo has been stepping up their game as of late. I’m actually very interested in C3 and G2!


Yeah. It’s because of you guys that I really want to get a Majesty or some other General-yo now. They have quite the reputation now. Can’t wait to buy one.


You don’t have one yet? No wonder…


It’s not exactly the easiest task to get your hands on one…




I don’t know yet.