What yoyo brand do you think is the best?

There a lot of different yoyo brands out there, I want you guys to tell me what is the best.

There is no such thing as tge best brand. It all really comes down to your personal preferences. Now, if you were to ask what my FAVORITE brand is, it would probably be YoyoRecreation.

Yeah that’s what I meant

It should be what is your favorite yoyo brand, so that’s what it is now.

I dont have a favorite i like every yoyo brand there is

I think the guys from werrd are pretty cool to talk with

C3 looks like they have a good amount of fun as well and the onedrop guys are always nice

Square Wheels is my favourite!

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How many threads like this are there going to be?

i cannot pick a best but i have much love for GenYo, OneDrop, YYJ, G-Squared, C3yoyo designs, and a handful of others. that’s like saying hey pick your favorite kid (if you have 3 or dozen or something)…

You just gotta block 'em out, man. It helps if you drink heavily while perusing the forums.*

When you’re old enough to legally drink. Happy mods? See the lengths I have to go to? Aww I’m just kidding, you guys are swell.

But my favorite is Caribou Lodge.

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swell is a good word.

i like the company that sponsored me.

Overall, I have to say one drop… There products might not match that of companies like yoyorecreation but they have great throws nonetheless for awesome prices, not to mention having what I think is the best plastic out there! And the guys at one drop are friendly and awesome.

My favorites are- Werrd, One Drop, CLYW, General Yo, and Ten YoYo. Great throws and great people!

General Yo and Ten Yo. Cause Joe is awesome and General Yo makes the sickest throws.

My favorites are Duncan, Yomega, and YYF.

  1. CLYW
  2. One Drop
  3. YYF
  4. YYJ

General Yo is the best company to me. In my opinion they make the best yoyos out of any company I’ve ever tried, hands down.

In regards to competition, I would say YYF and CLYW are neck and neck. Both of their teams have amazing players that dominate competitions.

In regards to marketing, YYF takes the cake.

I have never had a favorite since I started yo-yoing. But, gradually, I find that I am super impressed by the business decisions YoyoFactory is making, and their releases this year are tops. I have been blown away by several of their releases this year, Ricochet, H.O.T. and Shutter especially. Also, they are the leading maker of my favorite color throws, YYE colored ones. I would give them the top spot for now.

My collection consists of many brands. My regulars tend to be YoyoFactory, YoyoJam, One Drop, CLYW, Oxygene, Duncan and General Yo.

The ones I have purchased the least, are YYR, RecRev, ILYY, Anti-Yo, C3, and Square Wheels.

Some I have never purchased to date are G2, Crucial, Chico, God Tricks, Hspin, and Something.

There is a lot I have not tried, so it’s real hard to call out favorites at this stage.

I have yoyos from over 50 different brands.

I can honestly say “best” is a matter of preferences.

If we want to look at what I feel is probably perhaps the most well-rounded company, YYJ has offerings from $10 to well over $120, with yoyos for all styles of play.

YYF lacks yoyos being directly marketed as 3A, but plenty of people use YYF for 3A. They currently do not have a 4A offering. Due to issues regarding patents, they don’t have a 5A yoyo per say, but they do make plenty of yoyos that are designed to excel at 5A. Like with YYJ, they have a wide selection that starts at $10 and goes to over $120.

The next would be Duncan, which covers all bases, but is weak in 4A(opinion, not fact). While selection is more limited than YYJ or YYF, they do make a lot of quality offerings at various price points. Quality over quantity in many cases. Of course, they do churn out some models in insane numbers.

After that, brands tend to have significantly fewer offerings. A lack of a wide selection should not be seen as a bad thing. Some brands only have one model, some have many.

As long as you’re playing what you like, that’s all that matters. Your best brand may not be the same as my best brand. I can be just as content playing an upgraded Classic as I can an Anglam. I never know what my mood will be from day to day or even hour to hour. I grab what moves me and go have fun. I pay no attention to brand.