Favorite brand???

I was wondering what brand everyone likes
I like yoyo factory but I wanted to go outside of them, so what brands do you guys trust?


one drop

There’s so many good brands, it’s not fair to have to limit things.

If you’re buying from YYE, rest assured it’s a good brand and good product or else it wouldn’t be here.

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One drop. I tried some of their stuff after mostly having yyf and I’m really impressed.

Square wheels yoyos

No favorite brand. All of the companies have a winner at one time or another. And most of them make good stuff all of the time. It’s all in what plays good for you.

C3 and One Drop alllllll the way.

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Definitely Yoyofactory or Yoyojam.

CLYW, Werrd, and pretty much everything else.

Dif-e-yo, yoyojam, and 3yo3 are great. But yes, anything on this site is good. Shinwoo is actually nice for the price.

Can’t believe no one said Duncan. I love the echo, raptor and freehands

3yo3 or crucial… really great throws

Try one that has similar dimensions to the throws you already like.

If it is on YYE then it’s probably tried and true!

My favorite brand is any brand I happen to have yoyos of… and I have a lot of yoyos :wink:

Haha its funny because his name is “yoyofactoryfreak”

I feel like shinwoo is super underrated. I have a zen 4, and it’s probably my favorite throw so far.

The one that os consistent. Good customer service, with a great team.

I just can’t limit myself…

He said other then YYF