Yo-Yo Brands


What’s your favorite yoyo brand/company?


info on the following brands:

yoyofactory is a large company that makes its niche in the business as the company that offers quality throws at a very wide range of prices, designs and types of yo-yos. you can find good quality designs from them anywhere from $10-150, from beginner to professional.

yoyojam is similar to yoyofactory, except most of their yo-yos are on the cheaper end of the scale, and are well known for partially metal and part plastic yo-yos.

Duncan is the old schooler that is not as popular, though still has some high end designs that have been well received.

CLYW is one of the most popular companies that offers top quality yo-yos, though are a high price. these are generally a must-have for anybody with a good amount of skill.

one drop is also like CLYW, but has some cheaper throws as well as the expensive ones. generally one drops have superior. stability and spin time.

hope this helps

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Brand is irrelevant. Fun is important.

If I like the yoyo, that’s sufficient. I like stuff from many different brands. I’m not going to play favorites, despite having favorites.


I haven’t tried enough companies to decide…


still yoyofactory!




no to me, or to the question?


Fun is important, but I just want to see people’s opinions, that’s all.




I like 2 yyj yoyos ( dm2 and phenom) but oher than that i like yoyofactory alot


YYF: very steady quality all through the brand. probably the best bang for the buck aside of maybe some chinese companies, but then you get a more random quality and a lesser finish

Xcube: for me, the most interesting brand, all their throws are unique in a way, and all are as good as they come, performance wise. the finish is also very “premium”

YYR: the ferraris of yoyoing, very expensive, very efficient, very desirable

there are other very good brands around, one drop, CLYW (their newest throws are excellent), C3yoyodesign, turning point, SPYY, 3yo3

can’t go wrong with any of them


Close call between YYR and C3 for me. I love yoyos from other companies as well but I find myself gravitating towards these two more than most.


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I think I fell in love with sOMEThING yoyos


CLYW and C3!


I don’t have enough knowledge to decide that.