Favorite yoyo company


I’m personally a huge fan of yoyofactory.


If I had to chose I would say One Drop. Quality, innovative, affordable.

There are many great brands. One-Drop, General-Yo, G-Squared, CLYW are all ranked highly by myself, and many others.

Some people love the marketing of YYF and YYJ.

Some people stick to Duncan and Yomega for nostalgia.

Some people stick to Japanese brands, like Yoyo Recreation and Turning Point.

Some people love the affordability of YoyoOfficer and Recreation Revolution.

But honestly smaller companies deserve some love too. Like Deadly Spins. The Wrath is an amazing throw, and I’d really love to try the Pride.


One drop? Affordable? They seem to be in the price range of any other professional high quality throw other than the affordable metals yyf and some other companies seem to be spitting out…
I’m gonna have to go with YYF, I’ve had great experiences with them and I’m biased because of living in AZ like 30mins away from their headquarters


I live in AZ as well and yoyofactory is a solid brand that i Am a big fan of. I think I’ll go with shutter. Shutter vs dv888???


For me it will always be Caribou Lodge. The great designs, the players, and the canadian references in the products (city of champions, only a true Canadian will get it :)). When I play a caribou, I know I’m supporting a local company.


One Drop started the affordable metal movement, and are continuing the trend with the benchmark series. They are truly high-quality throws, American-made, at an incredible price.


Ohh, I just realized that the benchmark series is only $60. I thought it was $80, disregard my former statement.


Da Fact’ry. That’s why it has it’s own nickname. I think it provides a ton of model variety, beautiful colorways, great value, awesome marketing and social media to keep up with releases, an exciting contest team, and great sales and offers to their customers.

Also, some of the most kind people I’ve met in person or online, Ben McPhee, Tyler Severance, Ann Connolly, and John Chow. I like a company out there traveling, hitting the pavement, meeting people, and teaching them in person to yoyo.


I like g squared. I’m also a fan of one drop. I like yoyo factory but you can get the feeling that the quality control isn’t quite as good as the smaller homegrown companies. But that’s kinda to be expected. Also we need to support US industry. (Hint hint YYF)




YYF puts it money where it’s mouth is - out supporting the sport.



I figure that every time I buy a new throw I am taking a chance. Also my limit per throw is $50. Will I like it? Will it perform well? Was it worth the money?
I believe YYF is the most consistent of the companies an is the most supportive.


One Drop FTW!


In terms of throw preference, I’ll take YYR any day of the week. In terms of the company as a whole, I’d have to go with YYF. As others have said, they’re the complete package of quality throws at every price point, top notch competition team, social media monsters and hobby ambassadors.



I agree with this. Tyler is a really cool guy, I used to go to his yoyo class.


There’s so many threads about this lol

… But once again a tie between CLYW and OD


Hmmm… That is a hard question, I’ll have to give a top five in no particular order:

One Drop
General Yo
G Squared

There, that works for me. :slight_smile:


I’m not Canadian but I get it. Do I get bonus points XD


One Drop.

Forgot to mention it but the Ten Yoyo guys are pretty cool as well.


For me yoyofactory and clyw are my favorite but I give all company’s a chance, I love playing different throws