Best YoYo Brand.

I think duncan is the best brand. ;D

More brands plz!!!

my fav is general yo

The one that doesn’t exist.

clyw isn’t on there either :’( .

That one that makes yoyos that spin good

has any one voted?

These are the worst options, no offense. 1Drop? Xcube? 3YO3? Comon I cant be the only one who likes all the less known companies…

Its all in preference, there really isn’t “the best brand” its just what you like, you might like YYF if you like hubstacks, then you might like CLYW because of the shapes of their yoyos, but there really isn’t the best brand. Their are only favorite brands, and opinions. In my opinion, my favorite is YYF cause they have some of my favorite yoyoers on their team and cause its one of the only brands of yoyos i have. Just sayin’


No brand is better than another. Its up to the user to decide what he likes more.

Personally, I like yyf, but that’s because I don’t have the money to buy the nicer ones like Spyy and OneDrop.

I like LOCKED!

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