what is your favorite yoyo brand

poll lasts for 10 days!!!

I heart FundaMetals

My other, was general-yo. Won’t LOVE them until you try one!!

mine is yyj cause they are pretty cheap but yyf ive never tried but a llittle to expensive and duncan i hate they have the worst yoyos in my opinion

YoYoFactory and OneDrop. YYF because they have high grade yoyos and OneDrop because they seem to be a smaller yoyo company and they have still have cheep high grade yoyos.

I see no Clyw option? I picked YYF, Spyy, and Clyw. All for the same reason. Their yoyos play good.

Yep. That dumb old Duncan. Will they ever make us a good yoyo…

…Oh wait a minute.

Freehand Zero w/ a sili recess.

Hayabusa, stock.

Duncan makes some the best playing yoyos in my opinion. It’s not the yoyo that doesn’t play good, it’s the player.