Favorite yoyo brand.

So my taste in Yoyos has changed over the years, and I thought it would be fun to see which brand of yoyo’s people like to throw. Feel free to also post why. Personally I am in a toss up between yoyofactory, and yoyojam.

(Also if you are for some other brand Please Specify in the coment section)


Duncan (Big Surprise from me I know) was my first throw, and what really got me interested. To me, I can always try a YYF or YYJ or any other company, but I always come back to Duncan. It’s unexplainable but I just enjoy my experience with Duncan more. It’s more fun for me, when I throw Duncan. And to me it seems like Duncan does more for the community in terms of getting out there and being seen. I don’t mean to say that other companies don’t do as much for the community on the whole, but others seem more elitist. Never do I see Team YYF or YYJ on TV getting people interested, or doing Demonstrations at Toy Stores around the country or even world.

This is all based on my point of view and perception. Please remember that I mean no disrespect to other companies or players with what I’ve said.

General-Yo… just General-Yo.

CLYW, with YYJ a close second

ummm i started a exact same topic before

Double-Take Industries

general-yo. Gotta rep local companies. :smiley:

Buzzon and Anti-Yo for the win!

Buzzon because I love the Element X and Menehune, they play so great and if you can tune them they’re really good (In my opinion)

Anti-Yo because all of their yo-yo’s were awesome and great and are fun to play with


YoYoFactory. They make the best yoyos in the world.

I’ve used Duncan alot but the YYJ Lyn Fury is amazing

Duncan for getting me back into yoyoing :smiley:

YoYoFactory hands down.

Sorry Chief I didn’t see it.

I cant really say that I have a favorite brand, they all have diferent styles of yoyos and are all great manufactures. But if I had to pic one just because, I say WERRD go aussie.

Duncan now that they’ve made yoyos like the Hugo Z Hor they have yoyos for all types of players.

Should be able to change votes now that there have been some added

yoyojam yoyos. :slight_smile:

Happy Throwing! =]

If I could buy from only one brand my entire life, I would go YYF (for the selection, you know). In terms of quality, I find that the yoyo companies with only one or two yoyos come out with the most precious gems, oftentimes.

It’s a tie for me - SPYY and General Yo.