yoyo faqctory or duncan


which one


Yoyo factory is better
but back in tha day duncan was the best


Yoyo factory makes the best yoyo’s beside yoyo jam!!!

(Troy(oyo) #4

No company is better than another. If one was actually better, the others would cease to exist.


^Then why can I still buy android phones? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, there is no best, just different.

The first part was a joke.


Yea there is a best

they are different But one has got to be better like yoyo jam is good so is yomega but yoyo factory is the best there’s got be a best people!!!

(Troy(oyo) #7

No. There doesn’t.

And nobody, with technology, generally there are better companies. That is why you can still buy android. I don’t want to turn this into a flame war about apple vs android.

Back to yoyos, there does not have to be a best. It is all preference.


May I ask if any of you have throw every yoyo ever made? Then none of you have the right to say who’s best. You CAN, however, say who you like best. Duncan is right at the top in my book along with YYJ, YYF, and many other companies.


If you ask me DUncan IS the best.At least I think so because of past experiences with hanging with them and talking with them.


talking wth them? are u insane


No he isn’t, Duncan is run by people too.


Yes I do not get what you mean by “Are you insane”


He was talking to me he’s new he kinda getting used to this website


You are new too correct? Welcome. And I believe he was talking to me.


Still he’s new

(Jei Cheetah) #16

There is no best, and anyone who tries to tell you that one company is better than the other is a fool.
Players have preferences, and they all differ.
While one may love one yoyo, another may hate it. Simple as that.

There is no best, only favorites.

Duncan Factory



If the company didn’t make a decent product, then two things would happen:

1: They could either drive themselves into financial oblivion by continuing to produce products that people don’t like


2: Shut down and avoid bigger losses.

Duncan’s been around a long time. They must know what they are doing. YYF is a relatively “new kid” in the bigger picture, but I see them being around a long time.

If Duncan didn’t make a good product, they’d be gone, period. Doesn’t matter how deep the pockets of the parent company are. If they saw Duncan as being a major drain to the financial bottom line, they’d pull the plug, plain and simple. This economy isn’t about trying to “outlast” by pushing something during low times. The trend right now is to “cut losses and trim fat”. It seems Duncan not only keeps making existing models, but has brought out new stuff. Granted, maybe not like YYF does, but Duncan has released new models. Plus, how many of us got our start with Duncan because they tend to be the most readily available yoyo in retail stores?(Yomega sells a lot via big box retail as well)

YYF is a fine company too. With products ranging from $10 to over $100, including plastics, plastics that perform like metals and full metals, they have something for everyone and in every price bracket.

Consumers these days aren’t going to settle for a bad product. Oh wait, they buy MP3’s, I guess they will settle for a bad product… Back to being serious(and I am serious about MP3’s sucking hard), when a bad product is found to in fact be a bad product, the so-called bad product is often quickly swept away, hoping to be wiped from consumer’s memories as fast as possible.

Then it comes down to preference. “Better” and “best” are relative terms. Both make great products. So what do you like better? When you can answer that, then you can say what is “best” for you.

I use the microphone analogy a lot because it applies here. Two mics, the Shure SM57 and the Audix i5. These are designed to compete head to head against each other and as such, even are priced to sell for the same at retail. Which is better? Depends on the source. I know how to use the strengths and weaknesses of each mic to my advantage for the situation. Better? Well, I have 6 SM57’s and 2 i5’s What do I generally like better? The i5 has become my goto snare top/bottom mic set. Sm57 I still prefer for guitar cab micing, especially when it comes to industrial metal, where the natural rise in the Sm57 in the mids helps bring out some of the “pinch” in the guitar. Although, on guitars these days, I’ve been using mainly ribbons(Cascade Fat Head II Live) now regardless of musical style. Although just to add to the confusion, I prefer the Sennheiser e609 on clean-channel guitar(country and jazz), but I still like the ribbon better. In this example, better is relative to best matching the transducer to the source.

With yoyos, it’s a matter of finding the yoyo or yoyos that best suit a player. When you find that, that is the “best” brand for you. Or maybe it’s brands. Who knows.

I’m trying to obtain a yoyo from most of the companies so I have as much variety as possible.

Just throw more. Don’t worry about what company is better or best. YYE carries a gigantic selection of really good yoyos. If it’s here, it’s good. Of course, there’s good stuff that YYE doesn’t carry, but one can’t carry it all! Buy more yoyos, throw more yoyos, learn more yoyo stuff. Oh, and have fun doing it!


Ya’ll people are crazy there is a best just like there is a best football team or soccor team people who are sponsered what team are the on and what team wins all the time in competions

(Jei Cheetah) #19

Duncan ^

Duncan ^

Duncan ^

Those three are very high placing yoyoers who throw Duncan.

Again, its all preferences, and this flawed mindset you seem to have that there is a best is something you’ll have to lose and figure out some day.


Fine. We’ll use that approach.

Look at who won Worlds in a division, and the yoyo used in that performance is therefore the best.

Issue resolved.

You’re welcome.

(BTW, I don’t watch professional sports)