Most respected companies

Only being into yoyoing for about 6 months i dont know nearly as much as a lot of you guys. My perception of these companies is in many ways still like an outsider looking in. Just from what i have read (and possibly how well they have advertised) this is the order in which I respect and trust yoyo companies.

  1. One Drop
  2. Caribou Lodge

I kind of see that as the first tier

4) Yoyo Factory
5) Yoyo Jam

How do you see the companies?

EDIT: I should probably add that Im speaking in terms of high quality unresponsive yoyos for the new age of yoyoing.

no Duncan

Duncan should be number one for sure, then yoyojam simply because they are known to more people and respected. YYF should come after those two, then you can start putting OneDrop and CLYW and other companies like that.

If you are going to buy a high quality yoyo you would buy a Duncan?

A lot of my thinking is based off of what people are competing with.

There’s a difference between “Who makes the most popular throws used in competitions” and “Who are the most respected companies?” :wink:

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I think what im going for is most respected in the new age of yoyoing… if there is any logic to follow there haha

  1. Duncan
  2. YoyoJam
  3. CLYW
  4. One Drop
  5. YoyoFactory

Well honestly there would be no “new age” of yo-yoing if it wasn’t for Duncan so for that reason they have my highest respect.

And yes, I would compete with a Duncan. I hear the barracuda is killer.

General yo- boom done

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Ernie is really cool, so general yo! he sold me a v.1 5 star proto yesterday!!! :smiley:

I feel like your question should be rewritten as “what company has the most popular yoyos right now”. About the respect portion of your post, respected for what exactly? Your question seems vague. Personal experience, I would list Duncan, Yomega, and Yoyofactory on top. This is based off of the following: length of time established, customer satisfaction, availability, variety of models, worldwide representation, etc. That’s how I would rate it anyway.

Duncan, no question. No other company has done so much to promote yoyoing for so long.

Duncan may not make the yoyos that we all compete with, but we wouldn’t be competing without Duncan.

you should give that to me ! :wink:

ha, I had heard of people looking over 2 years for a 5 star, and longer for a v1, and still not getting one. It was really expensive, but its jsut money, and this is a v1 5star! And its a proto! Never selling it

Duncan makes competition-worthy high end stuff. While they’ve always made stuff for the general market, they’ve also been good about keeping up with modern standards of play by enthusiasts. Duncans have been used to win major contests, including Worlds, going back several years, and they are still being used by top competitors like the following:

That’s not to say that you may not prefer other companies for their high end yoyos, or that other yoyoers don’t prefer other companies, but using a Duncan is not going to hold anyone back.

Oh wow. That Karancz János performance (the first link; haven’t had time to watch the others yet) was out of this world.

Those are really good points on Duncan, I didn’t realize their high ends were up to par.

Lets change the question to this: if all the companies made a new model with similar demintions, just based on the companies reputation which would you go with?

Well, I’d buy the Cascade over the H.O.T.

But i’d probably go with some non mainstream company and be a #yoyohipster


Also, don’t forget:

Janos is a monster. I’m hoping he places well at Worlds this year. Come on 1st place! I would love to see that.

Also, the Barracuda is an amazing yoyo. I got one yesterday, it is BEASTLY.