Duncan and Yomega

These companies are not respected enough.

Really, they can make great yoyos, but because there are a few “bad ones”, the entire company isn’t respected. Duncan and Yomega fit perfectly for that.

So I’m trying to make some videos to show what they can do, so they get more respect.

I will be making a few of these also, but anyone here is allowed to, just post the video in this thread.

I am making a video for Duncans right now, and my brother might trade his Speeder for a Hotshot, so I might make a Yomega video also, but I might not.

If you will, please take the time to make a video, or post it in this thread if you already have.

Thank you.

Videos made:

j4dude’s awesome video for Yomega yoyos:

My video for Duncan yoyos:
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Great Idea!

I agree that they do not get enough respect…

What yoyo are you going to use for the duncan video?

I will be using a few different yoyos.

I plan on using a Freehand 2, Hayabusa, Flying Squirrel, Mosquito, Flying Panda, and maybe a Butterfly if I can get a good quick combo down with it.

Also, I’m doing the filming now, I had to upload some BLC stuff.

i think it’s cool to make videos using different yo-yo’s from what we generally see, but i totally disagree on the respect issue. i wouldn’t equate those companies at all.

duncan gets a lot of respect from yo-yoers, especially considering how little they’ve put out in the way of new, progressive yo-yo’s. people who “throw duncan” generally just do so with three similar models, and yet they’re beloved, their crew is justifiably adored, and they continue to sell.

yomega has clearly worked hard in the last few months to put out a bunch of stuff at low price points, and i have no idea how most of it plays. it’s hard for a lot of yo-yoers to forget the drama that went down at worlds 07 though, and even if yomega put out a great yo-yo, a lot of players wouldn’t touch it simply because of their corporate image.

still, i think it would be awesome if you made a video with dragonflies, saber raiders, and imperials. how you play is a lot more important than what you play.

Its a fuzzy topic.

On the one hand, both of them have really worked with popularizing yoyoing. They were the kings of the world during the boom, and people still ask me when I’m yoyoing if I’m using a Duncan or a Yomega. When I reply with H-Spin or CLYW, they look at me funny. The “Throw Duncan” song is really cool, and the Brain was a great plan for getting folk interested.

On the other hand, they are a bit lacking in the production department. Mind you, I’ve played almost none of them. I’ve tossed a fireball, a panda, and a FHZ. Thats it from these companies. Anyway, they have a handful of plastics that just can’t seem to measure up to the standard that YYJ and YYF set. Its a pain in the bum for a new player to use a FHZ, what with the spacers and pads and such.

On the other other hand, in similar fashion to the second one, the “politics” of the companies are a little sketchy. May I direct your attention to the worlds fiasco with yomega, and the Duncan/Steve Brown incident. Duncan sort of goes away and resurfaces every once and awhile. Am I excited for their upcoming metals? You betcha.

Anyway, all of this in account, their yoyos function, but am I beating down the door for a HWHW or a throw monkey? Not really. To each his own, though.

Yes, these two companies get hammered and bashed all the time, especially Yomega. Duncan was at least the first company and that’s why so many more people still respect them. Still, it gets rather annoying to hear so many people say that Yomega just stinks and Duncan isn’t a good company or things like that.

I might be able to make a video with a Metal Zero or FHZ…Also, we can’t forget about modding FHZs! This is one of the most common yo-yo modification, and can be VERY good! I just believe that the big reason that Duncan is not respected is that friction stickers was a bad idea in general. They wear out after about a half hour of play. I’m excited for the new duncan metals though…That might draw respect back to Duncan. As for Yomega, I’ve only played the brains. They are great for 5 year olds and younger to learn how to throw. I don’t know about the more advanced Yomega yo-yos, though, sorry.

And they’re good for beginning looping.

Agreed 100% of the way with you. They do have some “bad” ones, but they have some good ones too. If some don’t like them, mod it. I like Yomega. Yomega is really good, and the Raider EX’s are incredible.

I love Yomega and Duncan…

Hotshot and FHZ ;D

The reason so many people hate yomega has nothing to do with the yoyos themselves

duncan paved the way for modern yos today. for that i respect them

Duncans play amazing! I love my FHZ.

my video =DDD

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Like Ed said, Duncan has more respect than most companies. They have paved the way and have sponsored more contests than any other company. Duncan may have had a bad yoyo (MFHZ) but who hasn’t. I mean look at YYF. They have had one that didn’t go over too well and that didn’t stop them from being an amazing company with awesome owners. (Don’t let your head swell Ben!)

Yomega has mad a few new 1a yo’s that seem to me to be great yoyo’s. I really like the maverik. I will be getting another one since someone swiped mine at OK states this year. I think that the decision of one man shouldn’t compromise the integrity of their yo’s. They make the best and most used loopers.

Another note, don’t forget who had the first 5A yoyo: Duncan. This yoyo is still used today, even without being modded. I saw a great show at the fair where a vegas juggler used a FHZ. I use an Xodus for all my offstring stuff, and it works great.

Yeah, Duncan did a lot for yoyos today.
Also, their yoyos, IMO, are awesome.
I’ll probably make a video of me with my Flying Squirrel.

But on another note, don’t forget who ripped off the creator of 5a: Duncan.

Thats all in paperwork.

I know Duncans get respect for what they made yoyos today, but their products is what I’m talking about. While some of their products are respected, others aren’t, and they ones that don’t get respect may make people think the company isn’t good in general.