Does anyone like the company yomega? I like the raider and saber raider. Like i said in my first message i am new and the trick i’ve gotten to so far is brain twister.

yomega, selling us crap we dont want

Exactly. Precise answer.

its all opinionated but the majority of people us yomega yoyos to start off with

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because of yomega, I started this post ;D

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LOL, still watch that video.  Like how you smash that X-Brain!  Oh yeah!

Although you must remember brain yoyos were the coolest things since pogo sticks a few years ago.

No, not true. Yoyofactory was making their Red Alert Series yoyos which were awesome.

Yomega = Looping. Thats it :stuck_out_tongue:

When Loop 900s get on sale it will be

Yomega= Nothing

Have you guys forgot about the Maverick. That yoyos actually pretty good imo. I still don’t like Yomega’s yoyos, but I have to say that it’s all preference. And if nobody liked their yoyos, they wouldn’t get any bussiness, and go bankrupt. And they seem to be doing good financually. And plus, they tend to cater to beginer yoyoers and getting people into yoyoing. I can respect that.


Agreed! I have the Ooch Smoov and that thing plays AWESOME!!! James is right, its all preference, one might hate Yomega but another might love them.


Very true, James. I just bought my first Yomega in over 10 years and I noticed that the dinky fold-out trick guide they used to package with their yo-yos has since been replaced by a pretty extensive booklet and they also included an instructional DVD (shot in HD) demonstrating over 150 tricks. I haven’t yet gotten to watch the DVD but I was pretty impressed by their extensive effort to provide instruction to new players.


I love Yomega. Can’t wait 'till Josh gives his opinion lol.

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I like my Ooch Groov. Does that count?
Either way, they are responsible for most of us being here today.

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You Dn’t need all the YYF Metals or All the YYJ Metal/Plastics but I gurrantee you still buy them. So don’t go hating on companies, They did more in the '90’s then Duncan did, to help yoyoing.

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The way I look at it is, most players now, well, they are spoiled w/ all the choices that are out there. Yes, I own high end metals, but I also own a Smothers Brothers YoYo Man wooden yoyo too…and pick it up once a day. The only yoyo’s some of us have owned as a child were fixed axle yoyos and Yomega was the “high end” at the time. The first ball bearing yoyo I ever owned was a Yomega Hyper Warp. Now I know that there were high end out at the time of Yomega’s boom but it wasn’t as easy to get your hands on them like it is today. Yomega doesn’t sell crap, they just sell a different yoyo than some might like and there is nothing wrong w/ that.

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i started out with a yomega yoyo
back then i thought it was better than yoyo factory
then when i got better i started using yoyo factory yoyos
like the DNA
i usally play with yomega when i am bored
but yoyo factory is better :slight_smile:

+1! That post changed my outlook towards yomega. I remember my first yo being a fireball anyway :stuck_out_tongue: I

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