My YoYo wont sleep Also need help to unscrew it.

please help i dont know what to do! My yoyo always comes back up :’( it wont sleep. If you can help me thx ;D I have duncan original(imperial) yoyo so its not really that good…How do i unscrew it or can i?

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Has it always been like that? Because their not supposed to sleep you know. And which one?

yea there more of a novelty than a performance yoyo and they dont unscrew

i beleive you use them for looping?

and not very good looping at that…

By a “Duncan Original” do you mean an Imperial? Those don’t unscrew. They aren’t made to come apart. They can, however, sleep, just not for a super long time because of it being a fixed axle.

i was off for awhile and ya i mean imperial and ya its always been like that

So that’s just the way it is. If you work on your throw, you can probably get it to sleep, and it’s not supposed to unscrew. Also if it doesn’t sleep, there might be a knot in it, which will be hard to get out given the fact that it can’t unscrew.

ya i didnt rly know cuz i started yoyoing a couple days ago.

Oh. And another hint, Yomega won’t get you far. You’ll learn later.

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why wont it?

can u tell me what yoyo string and what yoyo to get?

Yomega has done bad things. Read this thread:,16832.0.html

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what yoyo should i get darkmagic?

life is too short to hold grudges x52…shame…

yomega yoyos are great yoyos if they fit your preferences, get a maverick or dash, yes they are metals, but they are beginner metals.

Check your messages. A first modern yoyo for a beginner should be a Journey.

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Right, because what they did subtracts from the quality of their yoyos… /sarcasm

And honestly, the Maverick and Dash and those others aren’t just for beginners. They’re fantastic yoyos, and cheap too. Don’t think Yomega only makes beginner yoyos or anything like that. It’s simply not true.

Yomega knows they can make their yoyos better, they know…

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You’re saying there’s something wrong with their yoyos?

They just don’t meet the standards.

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