Yomega Stepping up

Hey all,

So I just noticed the the Yomega Glide has been released:

Reminds me of a CODE1. I started my yoyo journey with a Dash, still have it! (VERY underrated throw imo) And I have always been hoping for a more competition geared throw from them. I am very curious to how it plays, and I gotta say the plaid color is kinda cool, a YYE Exclusive! if they got rid of all the engravings on it. It makes it look cheap to me, and gives it that “childish” look of graphics, when all it needs is the Yomega symbol, and Glide neatly engraved on it.

Edit: I think the “Engravings” are printed on?, that means they can be stripped off, I would assume, Mr. Wong, you could do magic with this with no markings!

So do you think that YoMega will start up production of competition throws, seeing as its part of the “ELITECollection”, and start to get back into the swing of things? Or do you think they are going down hill?

Would’t mind picking one one on the BST


The blue lightning and the white/black plaid are what’s called hydro graphics. It is different than ano and not nearly as durable. It is sealed with several coats of hard urethane that will eventually wear off. They look super cool and from what I understand shouldn’t effect play unless applied poorly.

looks a loooottt like a supernova to me…

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Looks more like someone sat on a Supernova to me.

Ok, mayybbee it doesn’t look as close as I thought haha, but it does remind me of the supernova

I’d love to see a review of one of these!

The pictures I’ve seen of the Yomega Glide remind me of a PSG made of metal. It seems Yomega is definitely looking to create eye candy, as those graphics are amazing. I’m sure the performance is pretty decent as well. I’m not going to buy into this for a while, I’m gonna wait and see.

What I have seen is Yomega has had some sort of massive internal shift. I think they’ve been beaten up pretty bad the past few years from what I’ve read. Instead of licking their wounds ad runing away with their tail tucked between their legs, I think they did bid a hasty retreat and chose to redo their battle plans.

Yomega has been releasing a lot of cost-effective yoyos that perform pretty good from what I hear. It would have been a shame if Yomega left the game. While not one of my favorite brands, I’m glad Yomega is looking to stick around for the long haul.

In the meantime I’m going to keep an eye on the Glide. I hope to hear good things about it.

Plaid is sick!

Hey guys first off I’m a Yomega ambassador so I’m kinda bias but I love the Glide. I got to use one of the prototypes for a couple months and competed with it at MA state YoYo contest. It plays really well. I have an anoed and the plaid. The plaid looks cool but the finish on the ano is much better. It is probably one I the best grinding anos I’ve played. I have a wide range of throws from a puffin to a supernova and the Glide plays really well in comparison to any high end throw. It’s really a good player I’m not saying I’m giving away my chief but this YoYo plays with any non responsive completion YoYo out there. I’m putting together a review which will be up soon. Give one a throw.

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Ok, you know what? I’m just sick of seeing comments like this, look closer, the Glide looks absolutely NOTHING like the Supernova. And if I remember correctly, people were saying the Duncan Echo was a One Drop copy, because it had grooves. Don’t make comments like these unless you’ve seen the yoyo in person.

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yoyospirit, I am sorry. I did change my mind on that. You are right. I never was saying it was bootlegged or anything. I understand where you are coming from, and I agree with you.

I also agree with yoyospirit. I hate how people are still judging yomega over how they were made in china and the things china makes are crap. Well, the Hour from Werrd is made in china, its a very good yoyo, which proves china doesn’t always make crap. It depends. Try It before you judge.

I agree. There’s many great yoyos made in China. My Equilateral is made in China, and it’s by far one of my favorite YYF ever.

I think people need to knock off the “ripping off this or that” comments. It’s entirely possible for more than one company to come out wiht the same idea and release it to the market at the same time.

I think there needs to be more “playing” and less “whining”.

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Looks interesting. At least they finally made a yoyo with a C sized bearing, and not some Rediculous weird size like my old dash or maverick had. Looks like they are finally evolving.
I still wouldn’t pay 90$ for something made by Yomgea unless it was proven.

Ok, Sniffy-yo, time to shine on this one, I wanna hear some reviews. I like the plaid a lot.


Dat plaid.

I’ve heard nothing but good things from people who’ve played with this yoyo, also it comes with a Dif-e-Yo Konkave bearing which in my experience plays better and lasts longer than any other stock bearing. I’d definitely be more than willing to give the Glide a try :slight_smile:

Also, the plaid looks sick

That’s why they were scared to step their game up. People doubt them enough, give them a chance.

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