aoda or yomega.

on yoyosam there is an aoda sinbad yoyo. is aoda good and unresponsive. or the rhandy o ooch yo. is it unresponsive

also where can you buy the faded reddish color rhody o

Dare I ask why you’re looking at these two yoyos?

The reason I ask is that Aoda is usually associated with bootlegging, and for good reason. Basically, they take designs from yoyos, and make them in China, where the patent laws here don’t apply. This is just a very low thing to do in business.

Yomega, on the other hand, is often associated with an incident that happened at Worlds a couple of years ago, and many say that they don’t support the community, and their yoyos can meet less-than-positive reviews.

To answer your questions, I’m pretty sure they’re unresponsive.

i am lookin for a new metal yoyo and i only have like $50

Get yourself 7 more dollars and get an M1.

where are they $57


sry quick thread hijack, what was the thing with yomega at worlds???

Here it goes…

The ‘thing’ with Yomega at Worlds, was as you might have suspected, a bad ‘thing’. From my understanding, Yomega did not sponsor the contest that year (2007). They did however, sell their products there and they did have their team there giving the company publicity.

People aren’t happy with things like that…

…wow. Yah, thats ridiculous. Someone made a major mistake on that one! shakes head wow…
thx Pheonix, or Jonas K lol :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s only the things that happened AT worlds. More stuff occured the period right after Worlds too.

Seriously? wow, just one thing after another with them isn’t it?

It was related to what they did at Worlds. I suggest that yo uread around here. Remember to check out Alan Amaral’s reply to Steve’s post.

Dare i say anything? At first i thought Alan was just a representative of Yomega, but no, He’s the freaking CEO!!! His outburst was ridiculous. >:( Now i at least know why I never hear about the company anymore… :stuck_out_tongue:
Thx for the link btw.

Remember that everything you just read is about 2 years old. Times have changed, and I think Yomega has a new CEO now, but I’m not sure.

I’ll still buy yomega. People make bad choices. thats what happened. Thats all. Have you ever made a bad choice? Sure you have. Did the person that it affected forgive you? I sure hope so. I don’t hold grudges for longer than a day or two. Unless you mess with my kids. THEN ITS ON!!! LOL

The Ooch Groove is an awesome little yoyo and I have the Brownish one. I call it the rootbeer groove! Also I have a maverick on the way and I also have two raiders and two fireballs. Be mad at the person not the company. But then get over it.

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I don’t know how to feel about Yomega now. I remember about 11 years ago when I first found my love of the yoyo, it was a FireStorm Wing that was my learning tool as I began to practice basic tricks back then. I thought it was awesome at the time, and I bought two more Yomega yoyos. For whatever reason, I took a break for about a decade and come back to look for a modern yoyo. Who is the first company I check out? Why, Yomega of course. How could I not?

What I found upon return, however, left a bitter taste in my mouth. Not only is Yomega not a serious choice among players these days (at least without mods of some kind), but there were people legitimately boycotting the company. After researching the situation, I found it to be a ridiculous mess. As far as I’m concerned, Yomega has absolutely no excuse for not sponsoring World’s, let alone act in the manner that they did. Yomega is one of the absolute biggest manufacturers of yoyos in the world. Why the **** would they not sponsor the event? What a slap in the face to players such as myself who had a nostalgic association with the company from childhood.

Even Duncan, who has (or had) a similar situation to Yomega in the sense that they are a large manufacturer, yet their yoyos are/were not seen on the competitive level as much, they still have the biggest logo on every contest board I’ve ever seen. They sponsor these things even though players tend to gravitate to other companies these days. That says a lot about Duncan, they support the community. They realize that as a “big name” in the industry, they are obligated and even expected to be a sponsor.

The difference? How many times have you read “Duncan = love” in a post? Way more than you’ve read “Yomega = love,” I’m sure. To be honest, I hope what happened really hurt Yomega. (and I’m sure it has) Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to see people losing their jobs and going hungry by any means, but corporate corruption is one thing I absolutely can not tolerate and it has no place in this community/industry.

My message to anybody who’s anybody in the yoyo manufacturing world: Take a step back and really look at what you’re doing here. These are yoyos, people! Toys, meant to bring a smile to a child’s face or give people something that they can truly have fun and enjoy doing. This is not to be underestimated. I know that there are financial challenges and obligations involved in any business that are beyond my experience or understanding, but this is what the consumer is looking for on the most basic level and at the end of the day, when it comes time to spend my hard earned money, do you not think I will take this into consideration?

Personally, I have to justify a yoyo purchase very thoroughly. (they are yoyos after all, and life has its priorities) I am simply not going to buy anything from a company that I can not feel good about. When you see a company truly reaching out to the community and a broader audience, it is assurance that some of the money you spend with them will go for a good cause. This is every bit as much of a motivator for me as the performance and specifications of the yoyo itself.