possibly a little late

idk about everyone else but we now have yomegas at yye store. now i can finally get some raiders

New news for me. I better check it out.

Does this mean yomega back to support yoyo community?

Yeah, I saw this yesterday. Not really exciting because yomegas pretty much suck for 1a.

I call shenanigans! My dinged up mevric plays like a champ!

My friend has a dash. It is one great yoyo. Maybe you were using a raider for 1a. That would cause some problems methinks.

I hate the rubber response system things, and for the price you can go waay better, the Xodus is too thin for 4a, and they act like a super responsive yoyo is advanced just because they have a bearing.
Plus they are hard to throw as it is difficult to lift my dragging knuckles off the ground.

Does anyone know where I can get a Yomega Bearing Size SMR126ZZA5 to go along with some custom rubber response pads? ??? ???

Standards are important.

Get ready for the new OOch yo- everyone who tried it at worlds loved it. Big names too.
And really that issue?
Get over it.


no offence but I personally think yomega totally stinks.

I’ve got pretty much all the Yomega stuff I need/want at this point. Most of what I have are for example purposes of specific yoyo technologies(clutch, switchable clutch, transaxle). My opinion towards Yomega is that it’s simply a brand that currently I am not interested in additional products from, only because I have sufficient product by Yomega to satisfy my needs and requirements at the moment. I might change my mind regarding that if I choose to get some Raiders, but I’m in no hurry. I have no urgent need or desire because I have a pair of YYJ Unleashed that satisfy that need.

At the same time, business is business. If people re demanding something, well, when you hear something enough times, at what point do you say “I think I’m going to have to carry this line of product for my customer base”. Even so, look at the offerings that YYE has. They don’t appear to be carrying the full line of product offerings, which is fine. I mean, let’s face it, how practical are the clutch-type yoyo for 99.9% of players, and that’s a big portion of the Yomega product offerings. I have a BRAIN. Can’t say I love it, but can’t say I hate it either. It did what I need it to do.

Don’t like Yomega? Don’t buy it. Nobody forcing you to do anything. Do like Yomega? Then shop away, it’s here now. Just seems good business to me to have it. How many silly sales of Raiders and Fireballs were missed by YYE for not carrying the Yomega line? Nobody will ever know.

I don’t know the whole story behind Yomega, so I’m going to have to go figure out what the whole anti-Yomega stuff is all about. Is ther some sort of yoyo drama on a massive scale going on?

I think the whole anti-yomega thing is just because they don’t really make that good of products. They haven’t really moved forward with their technology, while all the other companies have. Like they still use plastic transaxles, and rubber response, while everyone else is using bearings and silicone. They do have some bearingized throws, but they’re still pretty responsive. I haven’t actually tried a maverick or a dash, though, so I’m not sure how well those play. I haven’t heard particularly good things about either though, so I never really had the desire to use them.
Although, I don’t remember what it was called, but a couple months back Yoshi had a $20 plastic of theirs, and it was actually pretty good. He just changed out the bearing, and it was unresponsive. I tried it out and was pleasantly surprised that yomega was actually starting to make some better stuff.
Also, the raiders are pretty well liked. Modded, anyways.

I have a Dash and it’s pretty cool. It’s a little responsive, but that’s easy to change.

Yeah people who hate on yomega for the whole 07 are just stuck in the past and can’t get over stuff, freaking dweebs.

And those who say they don’t have any good throws are thinking in terms of fireballs and raiders for 1A, and havent even given their new stuff a try.

I have watched Yomega constantly trying over the last year or so to release more modern stuff, and there newer stuff is honestly really good. Especially the new stuff they brought to worlds this year, I talked to many a player at worlds who were seriously impressed with Yomegas new stuff they had. I loved the play of their new stuff and its great to see them getting back in the community and genuinely progressing in their products.

Haters gonna hate, and they need to grow the apple bucking hay up. Losers.

Great to see Yomega here.


Gotta fly


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awesome words josh definetly getting the new OOch

They use those weird sized bearings though right?

I have a Hotshot that I like as a responsive. The Gap is kind of narrow so I am not throwing it for any big tricks. I was not around the community for the past ordeal and I also am not into politics.

I had a dash for a while til I traded it a few days ago. It’s a good throw, the response kinda sucks but after a break in period it was dead unresponsive, stable and all around fun. Though kinda heavy for its size, imo. I liked it and I’m thinkin about buying another now that YYE has them. I’m in agreement that most other yomega products suck tho.

both of the new sig raiders look sick. was planning on picking up some loop 900s but now i may have to rethink that decision

The thing that really bothers me though is that they act like everything is a huge enhancement on other yoyos because they have bearings. I mean according to them a super responsive yoyo is great for all the advanced stuff. One thing that I really like though is there bearings, they spin well, but they don’t fit in any of my throws.

For raiders it’s like there trying to get people to stop modding them, metal spacers, feeble axle. There just making things worse.

The main point that I’m trying to make is that they don’t really let beginners learn the way they should, saying that bearings are so advanced. I even read a quote from one of the CEO saying that the raider is like the Lamborghini of yoyos.