I was looking at yomega’s yoyos and thought that some of them looked like they might be worth getting. If i had to choose i wouldn’t normally go with a yomega. I just thought i should try something new. I don’t want a yoyo that is made for looping because i am not doing that right now. I do not care if it is unresponsive or responsive or any of that.

I say don’t change your normal buying preferences this time around. With Yomega typically choosing non-standard bearings, it becomes difficult to maintain. This is important to me since I have a kid who keeps taking my yoyos apart, doing a crappy job re-assembling them and then throwing them and the parts explode all over the place and often get lost.

I mean, I do like my Raider EX’es I got, but as far as my other Yomegas, I’m not terribly impressed. The Maverick is on my wants list, but it’s not a priority and it’s not something I’m actively going for. Toys R Us has some Yomega in stock but before I buy anything I want to thoroughly investigate it.

The way I see it, spend a little more for a Maverick, dv888, SHinwoo Zen’s or even some YYJ plastic/metals, or some YYF’s such as the Grind Machine, Counter Attack, Protostar, Northstar, Starbrite, Starlight, or Dienasty.

Also, you SHOULD care if it is responsive or unresponsive. It may not be a factor now but it will be soon.

I’ve been watching Yomega’s Facebook page and they are looking to put out their maverick with a C bearing and unresponsive play this summer.