Advice for a intermediate yoyoer

Hey i’d like to introduce myself, names Hatarus. I recently discovered yoyoing, a little over two months ago ever since then I find myself yoyoing hours on end and practicing new tricks almost every day (mainly string tricks). Besides yoyoing im an avid video gamer, and have been for the last past 15years. Now I am looking to have a few questions answered that I have about my yoyo and future yoyos, hoping you all could help, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Now first off I am using a Yomega maverick, mainly because of my budget at the time and of course I wanted to make sure I was going to keep yoyoing and wanted a metal yoyo. I know yomega catches a lot of heat in the world of yoyoing and I have a few questions about my yoyo if anything thinks they could help.

  1. I am looking to replace my bearing in my maverick with a koncave bearing, I just cannot determine the size and obviously I do not want to order the wrong size and waste 15$ I know its an ABEC 5 bearing and thats about it, anyone know what size the stock bearing in a yomega maverick might be?

  2. My yomega maverick is black, and the paint job comes off really easily and I was looking to make it look nice and shiny and black again, my girlfriend suggested why not get a little bit of spray paint and spray my finger and wiped it over the areas of my yoyo were the paint has come off. Good idea or bad one?

  3. I am considering ordering a new intermediate-advanced yoyo in the future to help me further my game, and what not. I am considering getting a Dark Magic cause it seems to be fairly popular and the price isn’t to bad a around 40$. Im holding off of buying those 80-100$+ yoyos till i complete at least a year of yoyoing. Would the dark magic be a good investment for a intermediate yoyo’er wanting to take his game to the next level? Also would I wanna stick with the stock or would I wanna go koncave? I am following a lot of andre bouleys youtube videos for learning new tricks aswell as some other videos and online tutorials.

  4. What other yoyo’s around the 40$ mark would you guys recomend?

  5. Last question i’m continuing to work on my throw constantly, but for a little extra help do u recomend i go koncave or stick to the standard bearing till i master my throw?

Again i’d like to say thanks to anyone who replies with any advice.

First off DO NOTUSE SPRAY PAINT lol it will probally ruin the yoyo, your first metak should be a metal zero that was mine it is great for starting off string tricks

  1. I’m pretty sure yomega uses a weird bearing size that cant be found here.

  2. I wouldnt worry about repainting it. still plays the same

  3. the dark magic is a great yoyo

  4. I would recommend any of the metal rimmed yoyojams.

  5. konkave or center-trak bearings are not necessary at all. work on your throw

Like patrick above me, I would recommend any of the metal rimmed plastic Yoyo Jam yoyos.

I also agree, you don’t need a KK. I noticed no improvements in play when I got my KK. They sure got the marketing part down however, as everyone seems to think they need one. My ceramic KK is used only as a spare. I don’t like the way the KK makes the yoyo play, either.

  1. Yomega uses odd bearing sizes so it will be difficult to find a replacement. Konkave bearings are not needed however. Just clean, lube, and play

  2. Spray paint will work fine however it may be a bit sticky and kill the spin time if you accidentally touch it. I would just leave it as is.

  3. For $40, the Protostar by yoyofactory is hard to beat. Plays amazingly. The metal rimmed yoyojam yoyos are good also but the Protostar comes stock with a center-trac bearing and is $5 cheaper.

  4. Protostar, Metal rimmed YYJ yoyos, other plastic YYF yoyos such as the die-nasty and the grind machine, or used metals on the Buy/Sell/Trade forums. You can easily pick up b-grade YYF metals for around $35 and they play great.

  5. Don’t even worry about the bearings. When your throw is good, the bearing doesn’t matter.

  1. Yomega uses it’s own bearing size (last time I checked anyways) which would make it hard to find a replacement other than through Yomega. :confused:

  2. Don’t spray paint your yoyo! It will wreck the metal. Lots of people see those marks you dislike as love marks. I started to hate it when my Dv888 started getting scuffs and what not, but I started thinking: it kinda gives your yoyo a little bit of character.

  3. I think I saw someone say it already but I’m going to reccomend a Protostar. They’re like $30->$35, come with a Center-trac bearing (what you wanted for your Maverick), and come in your selection of Red, Blue, Yellow or Grey! I love Protostar, it spins forever and it sits really nice on the string.

  4. Basically any of the $40 Yoyojams are fine choices, yoyoing is all about prefence, what I might like maybe something you aren’t to crazy about. The Plastic Grind Machine by YoYoFactory is good as well but you’ll notice it doesn’t spin as long as the Counter Attack or Protostar (probably because of hubstacks). Any of the throws I’ve mentioned here are good choices in the end find the one you think you will like the most and pick it!

  5. Unless the Yoyo comes with a built in Concave bearing I wouldn’t worry about replacing the bearing with a concave bearing. It’s better to learn how to do it without the bearing anyways.

Okay, instead of being a lemming and repeating almost everyone else, how about I give a genuine answer, eh?

Ok, first off, as everyone else has said Yomega uses an awkward bearing size (Size E), however if you are still looking for a replacement I know of a yoyo website that sells that size, shoot me a PM if you are interested. As for the finish, again, as everyone else has stated spray paint is not a very good descision, you CAN do it, but it most likely will not match and surely it will not last for very long. What do I suggest? Well, if you REALLY enjoy your Maverick you can go to He does GREAT work for a VERY cheap price, shoot him an email, generally speaking he will charge $20 to strip the old anno off, so you can redesign that Maverick however you like. Now, as for a cheap yoyo for Int-Adv play, Protostar all the way, you will almost certainly enjoy it. Metal Zero, Protostar, XConVict, Shinwoo Hi-Power Zen, Auldey L3, All of these are around the $40 mark and are very good throws. Lastly, stock, SPEC, CT, KK, 10Ball, AIGR, ect. I really believe that you should learn to straighten your throw before going nuts on a special bearing you should learn to throw straight, try throwing closer and closer to a wall until you are just a few inches away and still getting a straight throw THEN maybe go try out some special bearing, and in case you are wondering SPEC or CT Bearing = Epic Win!

Hope I could help, have a good one and happy throwing!

Vendetta does really good work on Anodizing yoyos but it can be a little expensive for a Maverick.

I would probably only do it on a Yoyo that costs $60 or up.

Then again, you would probably be the only person with a custom paint job on your Maverick.

All the other stuff has been covered but I want to just tell you that if you get a metal rimmed YYJ you should think about response. I have the DM and Hitman and I greatly prefer th hitmans response. If I were you I would stay away from hybrid response. I still like the DM but the response is a killer for me. :frowning:

Do you know how to do a bind? If you do some good plastic
yoyos would be:


Pocket Change




Counter Attack




Kick Side

Pro Jam (if you can find one.)


Freehand Zero


Hayabusa (hard rims not soft for 1A)

                            keep spinning