Help needed, String/Yoyo/Bearing mainly.

So, I’m probably an intermediate yoyer, buying my first physical goods from the internet, as I live in Egypt. It costs $30 for the package to get here. So I’m trying to buy everything at once. I bought 7 cheap yoyos before, that are pretty much useless. I want a nice 1A yoyo, and another looping yoyo. Right now I’m thinking of getting a DarkMagic 2, normal YYJ bearing and a ceramic Konkave bearing. As for string I’m not sure, I got 100 strings of each kind, but I’m thinking of removing some from my cart. As for the looping yoyo, I’m not sure what to get yet, Shinwoo FIRE loop, Shinwoo Loop, or Duncan BumbleBee? Please help me out.

Ik, cool story bro, but yeah…


Dark Magic II is a great yoyo. Alright, forget about the Ceramic KK Bearing, it really doesn’t do anything to help your yoyo out. Get 200 or 300 100% Poly. It’s a comfortable string, and since you 30 dollars to spare after throwing the KK out, worth it. The looping yoyo is beyond me, as I don’t play 2a, but I have hear good things about the fire loop.

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tThanks about the strings, idk about the kk bearing… Heard good things about it. I heard bad things about the fire loop. Any1 else wants to share?

Thanks given btw.

You can get a KK bearing, just don’t go full ceramic. Not worth the money.

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I thought ceramic was the point. But if you both say useless then getting normal…

oh wait its the same person. I’m on from mobile sorry xD

Haha. No worries, man.

I don’t really see the point in KKs myself. KKs to me aren’t worth the money in general, but the ceramic ones are basically useless at 30 dollars. If you want a bearing, go ahead and get a KK, just NOT ceramic. Waste of money.

Btw, what’s the point of different strings? And I decided to get a Duncan Glove as well, because from my yoyoing experience my hands hurt and get marked for hours…

What do you mean by different strings?

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Cotton/Slick 6/Poly.?

Just preference really. Most players use poly, as it allows for faster play over your fingers. Cotton is mainly for fixed axle play, as polyester tends to melt from the friction.

Alright, Thanks for all your help.

hahaha its funny that this thread has only Q contributed.
Dont ever get ceramic!!! waste! like kk is ok worth the money but ceramic is $15 more but doesn’t actuallhy do anything to the yoyo. dm2 is good but it’s got a decent amount of vibe. to me, it’s got a bit too much vibe, so i’d go with dv888 instead.

I reccommend you do not get a ceramic KK. I got one included with my Hatrick, it didn’t make very much a difference…just seems to spin longer than normal KK…If you really need a bearing different then the YYJ speed bearing, save $20 and get a AIRG Bearing or a 10 ball bearing.

I do also love my dv888 beter than my dmII . I also love my kk bearings , thats the first thing I do to all my throws , But it is completly prefrence . I have one ceramic kk and 5 regular ones . There really is no difference ive seen . I use them about the same amount and I cant tell a difference .

I’m still a beginner, I don’t think I could start with an all-metal yoyo (dv88) yet. Maybe I’ll buy it later. As for now whats the preferrable looping yoyo? And what are break pads :stuck_out_tongue: I’m thinking of getting DuncanBumbleBee. And every1 tells me I need extra break pads.

yes, duncan bumblebee does have break pads and they do wear out VERY fast.
brake pad is a type of response system. its kind of like cork texture. it’s just a response system and it wears out fast on bumblebee.

From what I see, you’re just planning on a purchase once in a blue moon right? So you’ve gotta choose things that you can maintain yourself. Assuming there’s a hardware store near you, this isn’t as hard as it sounds.

First off, for what it’s worth, I like ten balls the best. KK bearings reduce your response, and don’t do that much for time, it just keeps the string away from the sides- better for beginners.

On the self maintenance part, that basically boils down to bearing, string, and response. Bearing is the cleaning of the bearing- a bottle of YYJ thin lube will last you a long time. (For me, 3 years and I’m halfway through) If not, you can use trumpet valve oil as a substitute.

Response, you can either choose flow groove or pads. Pads, you’ll have to make your own (Silicone [plumber’s goop] on double sided tape, mush it flat, cut it out. Then, you can stick it into the yoyo itself. Getting correct response would be tricky though.) Or, you can use flow groove, and just pour silicone into it from time to time. (Window/Bathtub silicone, or Red RTV)

String, you can either buy a huge pack and hope it lasts, or you can make it yourself. I find it better to make it myself, because then you can spin your own preferences. Many tutorials, I made one, just use the search bar. This will require a drill, nails, wood, and sewing thread.

If you still need help, I’ll be watching this thread. And if you need a suggestion, I say learn to bind, grab a starlight/protostar/northstar, or a YYJ Bi-Metal, with the Dark Magic and the Hitman on the top of that list. Or, for something cheaper, a legacy, kickside, lyn fury will get you far too.

That sounds too complicated… And all the money I can affofd right now are exactly $167.23 Just wanted 1A and a 2A yoyo. I can already bind, and I almost finished intermediate section on the tutorials, for 1A. More simple plox? Thanks.

167 is a lot… look, for around $40, get yourself a pair of sunset trajectories or Loop 720s. I can’t loop, but those two are pretty good beginner ones. Red RTV silicone is around $7, lube is $5, and for strings… you can buy 100 for $10, or use sewing thread. So… that’s $62 right now. Maybe an extra, simple bearing, giving you around $70, and then you can buy a Dark Magic for $40, for a total of $110.