shopping list advice plz :P

So I played with yoyo’s when there was this huge hype when i was like 11 or 12 years old. A couple of weeks ago, i found a cheap wooden fixed axle yoyo and i decided to buy myself some yoyo’s.
Last week my yoyo’s arrived ( A Duncan Freehand and a flying squirel). I like the playability of the freehand, but i just find it so ugly :D. The flying squirel looks way more slick but it doesn’t sleep that long…

After a week i know some tricks (all the tricks from the basics and intermediate sections). I really enjoy playing with them, but my brake pads are pretty worn out allready…So i was thinking of investing some more in yoyo’s. So i’m going for the more expensive yoyo’s now. I was thinking about buying a Dark Magic. Also i would like to start practicing looping tricks…
Since i’m from belgium (no yoyo shops here at all) i was planning on making 1 big order with everything I would need for a while… What i have in mind of buying is the following :

1 dark magic

1 bumble bee for learning looping tricks (better suggestions are always welcome) :

100 strings : slick 6 or the polyester ones, i don’t know what the best ones are (suggestions are welcome)

2 bottles of lube ( 1 thick lube and 1 thin)

2 KonKave Bearing

couple of Shims

some sillicone rings :

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

For looping i think you should get a YYJ Sunset Trajectory or a YYF Loop 720.
String, I highly prefer 100% poly white. The white is super awesome.
The Dark Magic is a good choice since you can learn to bind but have it responsive with thick lube and a tight gap.
I don’t think you need 2 KonKave bearings. Bearings last a long time and it’s very unlikely that something really terrible will happen to them. I think you only need one for now. Don’t put them in right away and get a nice straight throw first.
For the shims, when you learn how to bind I am pretty sure you’ll use shims to widen the gap. Almost everyone uses the thick(red) shims jsut so you know (at least for the Dark Magic.) Get a few extra pairs in case you lose them.

the dark magic is great, but maybe you should get like a cheaper unresponsive to start with, like a yoyojam legacy, yoyofactory die nasty or yoyofactory velocity, or pocket change or protostar. The reason for this is because the Dark Magic is unresponsive meaning you can tug it and it will come up, so before you spend too much maybe you should see if you like unresponsive first. The yoyofactory velocity is responsive or unresponsive, whatever you choose. Shims should be pretty good too since their low in price, when I had my dark magic, i did’nt have shims but their coming in though. Bumble bee, if you want to spend more money or less money, the duncan profly is cheaper and great for looping, and if you want to spend a couple bucks more the yoyojam sunset trajectory or yoyofactory loop 720. Lube, I dont use lube on my yoyos and their fine. I feel they wear out my bearing so I don’t use it. I did’nt have konkave bearings either. I hear their good, but only 1 in necessary. The bumblebee definitely doesnt need one! and silicone o-rings. I took one off of my ENEME and put it in my Dark Magic and it wasnt binding, but I don’t know if the silicone was worn out or not

Thx for the advice guys,

I think i’ll go for a YYJ Sunset Trajectory or a YYF Loop 720 instead of the bumblebee then.

My freehand that i’ve got now has become quite unresponsive and i like it :p, i’m about to learn my bind returns so by the time the dark magic arrives i should have gotten the hang of it.

I don’t really wanna go for the cheaper models, money isn’t really a issue…

for unresponsive play i prefer the protostar it is imo better for string tricks and unresponsive play if you already know how to bind.

I am sure to get some one irritated but ditch the Dark Magic and Get an X-con, the X-Con has dual o-ring and you wont have the buzz of the high breed response. The X-Con takes silicone well and makes it dead unresponsive. Plus the shape of the x-con seem more comfortable to me.

Yes I agree, and just in looking at previous posts on this thread I really would suggest getting a kickside or a lynn fury, or if you want another big gun a legacy. Not so much for transition, but because they have a unique feel to them which can add a sense of variety to your arsenal.

I think you should get a new breed over a DM, but that’s just my opinion.  (Now every thing I’m about to say is in my opinion.)  The new breed is a lot better than the DM for a couple of reasons, one it has better grinds, two they fixed the cracking problem, three it sleeps longer, four it has a better IRG if it you take of the caps than the DM would if you take of the caps, and five it’s smoother.  I would STRONGLY suggest the new breed over the DM, very strongly!!!

ok i have a few things about this and i will try to keep organized but sorry if i begin to sound confusing:

first off is the looping, which i think you now have the right idea with sunset trajectory or loop 720

second is 1a. i recommend a velocity. it is good because it can go in and out of responsivity. i do realize you said you will learn to bind and here is what i have to say about unresponisve yoyos: dont get a metal/plastic hybred. get an all plastic yoyo. they are 1) cheeper and 2) i feel they are less vibey. any of the beginning yoyojam plastics or the protostar, counter attack, die-nasty would work.

third, is the bearings. do not get KK bearings. it is a handicap and if you get used to using them, it is hard to use a flat bearing. do this before buying any kks. take either yoyo you have now and just do a simple throw. try to keep it as centered as possible. now throw again hard and see how different the tilt is. if it tilts a lot, then a kk might be good, but a better solution would be to just try and fix it youself with practice. if it is straight, then you do not need kks and not only would they wast money, but they are a little grabby with multiple string layers.

lube: ok you dont really need lube. i didn’t use lube for a while and i was fine. then i got some and i used thin lube improperly. you should get some, dont get me wrong, but learn how to use it. there are many threads about that topic.

so that is my 2 cents. welcome to yoyoing