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So i am buying a new yo-yo because tiger snake from henrys isnt doing for me anymore. I am from Slovenia (Europe) and the only store we have is this and you can see that there is a very small number of yo-yos to choose from. :frowning: I will probably get Dark Magic and order it over the internet when i find out whats the cheapest option because i dont want to pay for shiping more then for my yo-yo. (if anybody is from Italy and know any good store in Trieste do tell) I would like to know whats everything i need to start? I have a few ideas Dark Magic yo-yo obviously, strings, thin lube anything else? I saw on this forum that Dark Magic also uses ruber ring like my tiger snake. I guess those rings are different in size for different yo-yos? When i bought strings for tiger snake i got in the bag also 2 ruber rings but where will i get them for dark magic? If i will have to keep ordering them over the internet it can be expensive and i will probably get charget for shipping way more then for the ruber rings. So tell me please everything that i need to know to start yo-yoing and to do that for a long time.

to start off you kneed a yoyo, extra strings, if your a begginer thick lube to make it responsive or thin lube to make it unresponsive the oring in the dark magic never needs to be changed so it doesnt come with extra and im sure their different than the tiger snake you made a good choice on this yoyo

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Wow that was fast. :slight_smile: Thanks for the anwser. Yea i guess the ruber ring is different in tiger snake because it wears off and you have to replace it once in a while. I will probably get thin lube because i am not a begginer anymore but i cant evolve with tiger snake anymore so i am buying a new one.

if you get thin lube the yoyo will be unresponsive and its a better way to learn harder tricks and evolve into a better yoyoer and no problem everyone here is here to help

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The yoyo:

The rubber rings? You mean the silver rings? Those are metal weight rings for weight and sleep times. If you mean the rubber o-ring, that is the response, hybrid. One starburst, one o-ring. O-rings take a long time to wear out, so you won’t need them. If you want your Dark Magic unresponsive, here is silicone o-rings:

Or for unresponsive, try shims:

Or, do both.

If you need a new bearing for your Dark Magic:

The Dark Magic bearing size is large. (Size C)

Or to optimize your bearing performance for your Dark Magic:

Again, it is large. (Size C) The ceramic KonKaves last longer, and give even more sleep time than the regular KonKave. The regular stainless steel Dif-E-Yo KonKave is a long spinning bearing, a bit longer than the stock YoYoJam one.

And for fun:

You don’t need those, though.

If you want to start Counterweight, (5A) here is a pack for it:

If you want to hold your yoyo in style:

Really, all you need is Thin/Thick Lube, and the yoyo itself.

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Have you seen this site?

And as for the DM, You really dont need lube… I play mine with a clean bearing and just open the gap a little and its unresponsive…

If that site works for you maybe you might wanna look into some different throws…

Are you ready for unresponsive play? If so I reccomend the Legacy but if not go with the Dark Magic… It can be responsive and then grow with you…

good luck!

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Some Dark Magics can be unresponsive with a YoYoJam bearing. It’s weird, but you can use a KonKave to get it unresponsive also.

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i think the best setup for a dm is kk bearing and the gap all the way closed. you do not need to get shims or silicone o-rings. the kk bearing is optional, dm’s play great with the stock bearing. it is always a good idea to always have some thin lube lying around, and make sure you have enough string.
that shpuld be all you need…

yoyo :wink:
kk bearing (optional)

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How to make a Dark Magic unresponsive: Play with it.
How to make it unresponsive: Lube it.

Now the Dark Magic is a pretty good yoyo in my opinion. I really like its size the most. It is pretty big, which I like. Now it will probably come with some YYJ vibe, which you can’t really do that much about. You don’t really need a KonKave bearing, but it’s not a bad idea if you want to spend the extra cash for it. It will make the yoyo unresponsive, but so will the already named method and a stock bearing (and it won’t cost you 14 dollars). If you are playing responsive, don’t get a KK immediately, but get some thick lube.

Addment: You will need lots of string.

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Thanks for the help guys. I will probably order here or on Yours prices are cheaper but shipping is a little more expensive. You also dont have this counter weights i want on stock and i wanna order everyting at the same time because of the shipping charge. So do you know if you will get those counter weights on stock anytime soon?

Anyway i have a few more questions. Should i order 100% polyester strings or 50% cotton and 50% polyester? I have used till now only 100% cotton strings so i dont know how those 2 strings are different.

Also you dont have listed Slovenia as a shipping country. Does that mean i cant order in Slovenia? Just to see how much shipping will cost me i used Italy as my country because its very close to Slovenia. So if you do ship to Slovenia can i expect similar shipping charge?

I was looking at the ceramic KK bearing at so is the 2nd one from the top what i need for Dark Magic? Is it like this one for 30$?

I used tiger snake yo-yo till now and this yo-yo has rubber rings on the outside so you dont damage it if you hit the ground with it? Because Dark Magic is metal can it get damage if you hit the ground with it? Well i dont plan to do that but it can happen.

I have no clue about the shipping dilemma… sorry.

The bearing youll want is the large yyj bearing size, yes the second one.

And i prefer 100% polyester string and hate cotton, but i really wanna buy some of gm user’s element string, ive heard great things about it. Has a cool name too lol. But anyway, id get a few off all three, 100% cotton, 50% cotton 50% poly, and 100% poly. Then see which you prefer.

PS: try some element string too.

Brownie points gm user?? eh?

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it has an o-ring an a starburst design on thats why it sais hybrid on style