Hi everyone…
it’s used in this video click here and here
i want the same red and silver it’s cool

please the name and link to buy it if you could:)

also extra images:

Dark magic

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Its a YoYoJam Dark Magic :wink:

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Darkmagic i think
But here the link for the Dark magic:

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dark magic

dang i was ninjaed (yes i know it is spelled wrong) 3 TIMES!

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why is this in the B/S/T?

Thanks a lot

but did he use different Bearing or it’s the original:)

you guys are sweet and i deserve that:)


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Sometimes he is using a konkave bearing and other times he is using a stock bearing. But you can go with a stock one and you’ll be able to do all the tricks on yoyoexpert learning section.

Hope I helped :slight_smile:

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thanks means a lot

Yeah just the stock and sometimes uses the adjustable gap so the yoyo doesn’t snag as much.

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He must have some thick lube in it to make it responsive. I have a DM and I added a drop to mine to pull that off as well.

It’s unresponsive out of the box but has a bit of bite that it will fly back to you at times due to the pads and how tight you screw the yoyo together.

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Yes it is a Dark Magic.

Although personally I think it’s a little outdated compared to other YoyoJams currently, it’s been available for at least 3 years. If you’re looking to buy it, in my opinion I would not recommend a Dark Magic over a Revolution. A Revolution is responsive out of the box, so it’s good for beginners, but the bearing can be easily changed to the other bearing in the package to be unresponsive.


Edit:Also I agree that this shouldn’t be in the BST unless if the TC changes his post to be trying to buy one or something. It has been moved, so disregard this part.

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Andre uses his DM’s 100% stock, no konkaves…

thanks your reply change the whole plan

really!! ::slight_smile: how do you know?

I am sorry but I guess you’re wrong. If you pay attention to all the videos you’ll notice that sometimes Andre shows the “insides” of the yoyo and there is a time that you can notice that he has a konkave bearing and other time (don’t know if it’s the same) that he has his DM siliconed :slight_smile:

no sir, he showed the KK to demonstrate the different types of bearings in his tutorials to show the different bearings. His interview is right here:


I also live in a box outside Andre’s yard, I work as the guy who gives him his newspaper