Didn’t know about that interview but as you can see here: http://www.yoyoexpert.com/learn/029-intermediate-unresponsive.html he shows that he’s using a concave bearing and maybe he used the same yoyo on other tutorials that he filmed this day as well :wink:

I don’t want to bring this argument too far sooo, you can beleive what you want and I can belive what I want. ;D

Well what are you going to do? He showed the video, and believe it.

Ok, fine by me. Just passing the info that he says in one of his videos. That’s not much of a big deal and I suppose it’s easy to understand my point of view.

You know you can just quote him…

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well, I think of it as this. During trick segments Andre uses a responsive yoyo. If he had a konkave, then the string would be centered, not allowing responsive play.

thats the advanced and begginer section he even said he uses a ct and red shims now so ha

If you really want a Dark Magic, I would reccommend a Legacy. Hybrid response is outdated and André knows it well.

Oh, a KonKave does not automatically make a yoyo unresponsive. It’s also possible to change bearings in a yoyo.

Haha, more like 6. :stuck_out_tongue:

a ct? I dont think center tracs were around during the tut vids…

not in his vids but he does now in his vids he used a kk

thanks all
but i will not buy dark magic >> changing the plan

i already ordered protostar and yyj revolution yesterday

so that’s my final choice

thanks for all yr idea helps alot

yay :slight_smile:

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yyj dark magic. sold at this store for 40.80+ shipping. great yoyo!

Why is this thread not locked yet?

i wonder ::slight_smile: