Good Yoyo

Can anyone give me a suggestion to a good $10 - $30 yoyo? I want to buy it for my friend, and he seems in love with my Dark Magic. Anyone have an idea for a long sleeping yoyo for string tricks?

This one is obvious…

He’s in love with your DM? Get him the Legacy. All plastic DM well within your given price range.

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What about the other yo-yos like YYJ Big Ben or YYJ Journey? And what 'bout the Lyn fury/Kickside?

Legacy is the closest thing to the Dark Magic, the others aren’t.

I have legacy and it works great. It can totally nail advanced-expert-master level tricks. Super smooth and great on finger grind cause it has a satined body. Unresponsive for whips. ideal for the best high end plastics.
theres another yoyo but it’s $30 and $33 with shipping fee. and it’s the grind machine. really good hubstacks and also great for advanced-expert-master level play. But it’s a bit oversized.

Lol, nvm. My friend just begged his parents to buy a DM. Thanks anyway for the recommendations!

yyf protostar, if ur still gonna get him somethin

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