Help is needed for this young grasshopper.

I have a dark magic. I want a legacy. How similar are they? Any other throws you would reccomend?(non yyf)

The Dark Magic is wonderful, as is the Legacy. They have similar specs, but they play quite differently. If you want to and you have the money, go for it!

If you have a dark magic, i don’t think a journey will be anything special. I think the DM is sorta an upgrade on the legacy ( the DM is unresponsive if you widen the gap). I would reccomand a maverick actually… Just my opinion.

The legacy plays unresponsive to…

legacy is a pretty good throw, i would think you should get it if you liked your DM


Hey Avery, welcome to the forums! Do you think you could type not in all caps next time? Thanks. :wink:

And would a Legacy be a “downgrade” but a Protostar isn’t?

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I can always count on Brain to make my points for me.

And just because it’s the plastic version and is cheaper doesn’t make it a downgrade at all.

Some of my best throws are plastic, and I don’t own the Protostar that everyone seems to be drooling over. I play my legacy more than my DM, not a downgrade in the least, kid.

That was my opinion KID! Why waste your money on crap, KID

Last time I checked, the Legacy wasn’t crap and it certainly isn’t a waste of money.

Dude read my post. I said non yyf anyways.

I tryed them both and in my opinion im to the DM cause if you order the right strings its less responsive. And if you widen the gap on the legacy i know then it will be unresponsive. But the best throw is the DM i would say… But, But, if you want the legacy then go for it! its a great yoyo and you can do allmost all kidns of tricks with it. If your planning to do the thumb grinds then it isent the best choise.

  • if you got the money and you want a other throw in your pocket then go for the Legacy.
    As iAvery220 said it would be waste of money is not true. Its recommended by many, and its got a evil look to :)!

that is the beauty of the legacy: it is only around $20. if you get it, you could trade it, and even if noone buys, at least it wasn’t a $100 metal.

but as for the facts:
it is a great yyj plastic. yoGrant (aka grant johnson) used it in worlds i think.
but u want to go to a plastic from a bimetal? nothing wrong with that. I hate the bimetals because they all vibe. i havent tried the atmosphere and the New Bread, and suposedly, they vibe a lot less. don’t get me wrong, i would rather have a yoyo with enough vibe to know when it is about to die over a 100% vibeless yoyo.

getting to the point, most people go from a bimetal to a full metal. when i did, i fell in love with grinds. u could do that. hspin just released the Baysick, and Recrev just made the no. 9. those are great cheap yoyos. but sofar, the cheapest good metal yoyo is around $50 imo. i disslike the Metal0 and razor hasn’t released theirs yet. but the legacy is one of the top plastics around. you cant go wrong if u liked the DM

Hmm, i still don’t get why you don’t want yyf yoyos. Whats wrong with yoyo factory?

He might already have alot of YYF and want to expand his collection to other yoyos.

wouldn’t it be simpler for him to tell me… i mean really Q, have a little patiance…

Well maybe you should stay on topic here, instead of just asking useless questions about why he doesn’t want ______ brand of yoyo. Just because it isn’t explained in detail in his post doesn’t mean that it should be seen as an issue.


For whatever reason, he said in his original post that he doesn’t want YYF, and it’s not your place to ask why or question his decision to not want YYF recomnadations.

they are very good yoyos, but a large yoyo company tends to have bad bearing, Some spec bearings are amazingly good, and other just come out bad out of the box

Well YYJ bearing sometimes rusts but yah, it won’t happen if you take care of it

I have yet to have any bearing problems, but it can happen. I wouldn’t use that as a deciding factor on yoyos unless it’s really really bad. (As in potential recall bad)

BTW - Q, nice name and picture change.

Don’t gotta tell me.

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