Legacy yoyo Vs. Dark magic

Thanks guys. This will really help me out. Also, keep in mind that I’m no noob. I can bind well and do almost all the expert tricks on this site. I am looking especially for a metal. Thanx!!!

I really reccommend going from your Dark Magic to a YYF metal, like the Superstar or Primo. They are pretty much all awesome though, as are all of the One Drops. Just go with whatever one you think fits your preference best. Also, are the Legacy and Dark Magic the only yoyos youve owned? If so, a YYJ Trinity would be another great choice. It is the Dark Magic shape and size, but all metal.

Heres a review of the Trinity.

Hope this helped!

EDIT: I did not notice the budget… In the case of the budget, go for a Dv888. Well worth the money for 50-55 dollars.

Get a Y-Factor!

get a sasquatch

I think you should try the DM 2… so you will not get boredwith the same yoyo…

We share the same fate too… But I just bought an atmosphere!.. AND ITS SOOOO AWESOME!!!

So yeah!.. Get DM 2

I’d try a different shape if I was you. To be honest I think everyone should try a protostar at some point in their life. Yes, I realize it isn’t a metal, but it plays as well as any.

If you already have a Legacy that plays fine, don’t get another one. As, for a metal in the $55 or below price range, there aren’t that many. You might be able to find a One Drop Dingo somewhere, or try a newly priced Dv888 by YoYoFactory. You could go for another YYJ metal/plastic hybrid, or even another DM v1 or v2 if you want. There is also the YYF Protostar or Northstar. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for a metal under $55, I’d definitely recommend a RecRev electric daisy, or No. 9.

You can get a Yuuksta for $65.

thanks guys. I have already been looking at the dv888 dingo and electric daisy. I am now willing to pay $65. My legacy just broke because I was distracted when I was sanding it and the outer plastic melted. Now it is uneven and weird for grinds. Also, I have owned many plastics and I want to know, is plastic better than metal in any yoyo. Also, should I ever look into yomega? because they do have the ooch shmoove

Go ahead and look into Yomega. They are all responsive (that Ive tried) I havent tried a Ooch Schmoove or a Kerrari, but the Dash and Maverick arent terrible, but in my opinion not great… :-\

how does the dingo compare to the dv888. what are some good yyf for under 60 bucks?

Go for the Dv888. In my opinion, the Dingo is the perfect pocket throw, but Its just too…I dont know. I just dont like the size and shape to be a main player. The Dv888 is a little undersized, and one of the best throws for the price.

I agree DV888 SWEEEEEEET Throw I love mine . I have a legacy and protostar and there fine but I love the DV888 its my daily throw .

well along those lines, i really like the feel, shape and weight of my dm. Is the dv888 more like the tiny hm or dm?