What are the best cheap all-metals out there?

I’m kind of amused when I see postings in the buy-sell-trade section that claim offers of “cheap” yoyos that end up being $60.00-$70.00 or even more for used yoyos. Granted, you’re not going to get something for nothing but what are the best all-metal yoyos that can be had brand-new for less than $50.00? (I already have the DV888 whose current sale price brings it below $50.00 so I’ll take that one out of the equation.)

The ones that I’m aware of: (please comment on any others that you know of)

Yomega Kerrari
Yomega Dash
Yomega Maverick
Yomega Ooch
Duncan Metal Zero
Shinwoo Zen

(Please, no knee-jerk Yomega haters comments. If you haven’t thrown it, don’t condemn it.) I like undersized yoyos like the DV888 and Lyn Fury (but wouldn’t rule out bigger) , similar weight (63-69 grams) , intended for 1A style string tricks. Flexibility is a big plus such as a recess deep enough to silicone if I didn’t want to have to deal with stickers. Also, stability is a nice factor, i.e. a yoyo that is more forgiving on less than perfect throws or if you don’t exactly nail the strings. (I’ve pretty much ruled out the metal Zero) Spending a lot on metals isn’t a big issue for a lot of you, but even $50.00 is a lot for me when it comes to yoyos.

Take your pick, they are all great throws for their price range. I have a Ooch Smoov and LOVE IT!!!

A One Drop Dingo Why They Sell Them On This Site


Yeah, I recommend one.

At this point, the Dash, Ooch and the Kerrari are the most interesting to me. As far as looks go, the Kerrari has a slight edge over the Ooch and both look better to me than the Dash. There’s not a whole lot of info or reviews on the Ooch or the Kerrari.

The Dingo just scrapes under the $50.00 wire. I’ll have to look into that one as well. (A narrower gap = less forgiving?)

ILYY Void. $75 w/ free shipping.

If you don’t want to spend more than $50 on yoyos, then getting metals isn’t really worth it. I’m probably going to get some hassle for this, but the selection of metal yoyos below $50 is so small that it really limits your choices. I suggest that you try some YYJ or the better YYF plastics. hese yoyos might not be as consistant as metals, but you have a bigger bunch to choose from and with the technology companies are bringing into the plastic market, these yoyos are great.

If you really need metal yoyos, then you gotta buy used yoyos or raise the bar a little. If you don’t you will end up playing with some yomega metals and mini yoyos (which to be honest are being outplayed by modern plastics).

So what you’re saying is that not one single metal mentioned above is worth playing? How many of them have you thrown? I may be wrong, but it sounds more like an opinion coming out of some kind of bias than from experience. I haven’t thrown a single one of these but I find it really hard to believe that none of them are worth playing. From what little I’ve heard, at least 2 or 3 of them can be excellent with a little tweaking.

I’m not now, nor will I ever be a competitive thrower. I do it just for fun and recreation. As such, even spending $50.00 is really pushing it for me. I like my plastics but I like the feel and play of a metal and would kind of like an alternative to my DV888.

Believe it or not, a Protostar would be more than an effective alternative to your Dv888 while still fitting well within your budget. Especially if you’re willing to shell out a couple extra bucks and pick up some sandpaper (if you haven’t already of course) and put a nice satin finish on it, then you’ll seriously have a plastic that stands up to the standards of most metals (coming from someone who owns 13 high end metals as a frame of reference).

I love my RecRev “i” which was priced right around $50. Problem is it could be tough to find new. I bought mine used.

My advice is to check out what’s offered in the BST section. Many people sell mint (some practically never thrown) yo-yos for less than a retail price and shipping may be included.

I was going to say someting along the lines of “I’m appalled (spelling?) that nobody has mentioned RecRev.”, until I saw what you said.

I believe The Electric Daisy is comming out soon. From what I heard it is essentially a smaller RecRec “i”. When it comes out in YYE(I don’t think YYE sells RecRevs, but that may change.) or on YYN get one quickly before they sell out.

I am almost sure The “i”, and the electric daisy are great yoyos, because my two yoyo friends at school, who have tried bosses, 888s, TaTa Twisters, Dif-e-yo’s, and many other high end metals, say that the “i” is their favorite yoyo. And the electric daisy is a smaller version of the “i”, so you can Infer that it is about as good as the “i”.

the electric daisy is out but not online. today i just got a number 9 from anthony rojas, who is sponsored by recrev. $50 and plays great

The Protostar has a lot of positive buzz but I also seem to hear a lot of people complaining about vibe. I don’t know if it’s actual vibe or if the Protostar is very sensitive to non-perfect throws and vibes as a result. Something about YYF having to imprint arrows on the rim to make sure it’s not overtightened and aligned correctly doen’t exactly sit right with me. It seems to suggest that it is a temperamental yo which seems to be supported by the fairly frequent vibe issues I’ve read about.

Sili Recessed FHZ is all you’ll ever need. Trust me.

Any of the yoyos mentioned are great. Any of them are great stock. No mods needed for any of them.

I wouldn’t say mini metals and Yomega metals are outplayed by any other yoyos either. They all play well and work for many different people.

However, I would agree that using plastics is not at all a bad decision. It’s cheaper and isn’t better or worse than having lots of metals.

I’ve never personally experienced any vibe issues with mine. Of course it’s not quite as pristine as some of my metals but it’s pretty darn close. I don’t know, maybe I just got lucky ;D

Well, this thread has meandered a bit so just for the sake of argument, say that someone wants a metal yoyo and only a metal yoyo and wants to spend less than $50.00 on it. The ones I was aware of:

Yomega Kerrari
Yomega Dash
Yomega Maverick
Yomega Ooch
Duncan Metal Zero
Shinwoo Zen

Other suggestions that came up:

One Drop Dingo
Recrev i

Since then I also became aware of:

Foxland Precision Foxtail
Foxland Precision Cyber-Yo

I’m sure there are a lot of recommendations that others think are better than these in both plastic and metal but I’m also sure there are throwers out there who want a metal yoyo without having to spend a ton of money on it. Suppose you could only consider the yoyos on the list above, which would you pick? So far it appears we have 2 Dingo fans, 2 Recrev fans and 1 Ooch fan.

From that list, I would take a Dash. I haven’t tried an ‘i’ though, and I would expect the Zen to be amazing.