What yoyo should I get next???

I just got some extra cash and I’m looking to spend it on a new yo yo. I currently throw a dark magic. I love the thing but that’s really the only real yoyo I have ever used, so I’m looking to branch out and try some new feels just to see what style I like the most. My max price is 100$ and I’m looking for an all metal. What do u guys think?

maybe an 888
it is $100.00 and it rocks
you should get it

or the tactic those amaze me

yah me too

I predict that a run of CLyW fool’s gold wooly marmots will be coming out in the next few weeks at around $70 or so, that’s what I plan on grabbing next, personally.

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If you have $100 dollars maybe you could buy an offstring yoyo, counterweights, and a DV888. You could try two more styles and an all metal then.


The YYF Dv888 is a great choice for your first metal. It’s price is really good, and plays easily just as good as any other metal out there. It’s why YYF made it, cheap metal (only $65), amazing player. Pretty much everyone who has one would reccomend it. Great and enjoyable throw.

Sounds like the dv888 would be a good choice. And maybe I’ll pick up a fiesta or something and try out offstring yo yo’ing. So does anyone think I shouldn’t get the dv888 and go with something else instread?

any fundametal. but you had a DM? well that is a full sized yoyo and DV888 is small. if you like the size, get something a little bigger.

try something with hubstacks

888 and DNA are really good



well If you liked the DM then you should get a Trinity

oh yeah, forgot about that one, trinity is the metal dm

yah true

i have already an 888x and it is awesom
it has perfect spin times and a awesom finish for grinds and its 99.99$!!!

Get an 888x. Awesome and has hubstacks, and rules for grinding. :wink:

Well, I went with the Void for my first all metal. It plays amazing and is great at grinds if you are interested in grinds. It cost $80 so it’s in your range. Maybe if you gave some specifics on what you want. Like shape, size, finish, etc. Just so that we know what exactly you have in mind.

well since you throw a dark magic which are little bit over sized maybe by a genesis which is the same size and youll have some cash left over