friend looking for new throw

So my friend is getting into more intermediate tricks and he asked me what he should get hee has a magic yo right now and he is looking time spend around 50$ and he only wants an all metal yoyo so I suggested a dv888 I have read tons of great reviews on them but have never thrown one so is that what he should get?

Not a lot of all metal yoyos under $50 but yea, the dv888 would be my choice, either that or a godtricks bounty hunter

Dudes, this thing is AMAZING. Competes with my AC.

Buy a c3 Dibase or Dibase 2 (both 54$) it wayy better than a dv888 and the Dibase plays 3x it price

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the god tricks destiny sounds pretty good anyone else tried it?

Zen 4 great throw.

my buddy said to get the dv888 splash because he said it doesnt wobble so maybe that would be the one.

Neither do any of these others. Trust me, having owned a destiny and a dv888, the destiny runs circles around the dv888.

no I know I meant the normal dv888. I agree with you 1hunna percent

Also the bounty hunter spins incredibly long and the v shape is amazing for horizontal. was my main horizontal throw till my lesula

I would take this in a literal sense. Destiny is much more floaty than a Dv888, but I like the Dv888 more.

Any God-Tricks yoyo will really do well. Most of their models can be found quite cheap (less than $40) as well.

I have a Destiny, it was my first higher end metal. My impressions of it are that it is smooth, pretty stable, EXTREMELY fast, and the control is impeccable. One thing to take note of is that the pads it uses are a bit thicker than normal 19mm silicone pads, so just be warned of that. If you want replacement pads you’ll have to find something a bit thicker.