$50-70$ metal yoyo.what to get?

my mom tells me she and my dad want to get me my first all (or mostly) metal yoyo but they’re on a budget so my max is about 70$ but they want to get me agood one so the minimum is 50$.i’m thinking dv888.what do you think?

dv888 is a great choice! it’s awesome!

Depending on how many yo-yos you have already tried, I might suggest buying multiple cheaper throws and few accessories. The YYJ and YYF plastics are a great and affordable way to get a feel for what you like and don’t like.

If your heart is set on a metal, I say any of the YYF fundaMETALs will do just fine. Special mention goes out to the Dv888 and Lunatic.

Dv888 or lunatic

I love my Dv888, can’t go wrong with it. Also 1drop’s M1 is going for $45 right now, only 54 left and this is the last batch that will be made. Just ordered one yesterday can’t wait for it to get here.

dv888! It is very smooth. Lunatic looks nice too. M1 if you like really small yoyos.

Dv888. it is 100% satisFactory.

You could also get an M1. They are real good quatlity yoyos. The m1’s are going to be discontinued and are now on sale for $45. Get yours while you still can, theres 52 left at this point. :wink:

Might I point you in the direction of this sexy DV888?

It’s a slick-looking Army Green paint job hard coat with a large bearing. It’s also available right here at the eXpert.

Just go ahead and take a long look. Take it all in. Realize that this is what all fine string machines should look like. You feelin’ it yet? Try to imagine what it’s going to feel and look like at the end of your string.


You could get a different yo-yo, but why?

DV888 = best yoyo for it’s price.

I also agree. DV888 is a very nice yo-yo.

I would also recommend a M1. These yo-yo’s are only $45 but VERY VERY good. It’s an undersized yo-yo but its VERY VERY nice. Just putting it out there. I would get the DV888 tho.