buing first metal yoyo


i’m from Argentina, here is very dificult to buy yoyo’s, the only we can get it’s the velocity and the one of yyf, the viper of henrys, and some of duncan beginners like imperial, butterfly and wheels… I have velocity and viper, and now i want to get my first yoyo metal, so a friend of mine is going to Miami in one week and i will give him money to buy a yoyo. what do you recomend? i have in my look the M1 and the Dv888, because of the things that i have read, and because have a good price… here, be conceit, 60 dolars are a lot of money, so it’s have to be a good inversion… more than 70 dolars, for me is to much.
waiting for answers… thank you!!!


There is another thread going on that is discussing the exact same situation in the “Help/Recommendation” area. The dv888 has come up in those discussions as well as many other models. I recommend reading http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,34964.0.html

This is to help give you a nice kick-start on your inquiry.

I just got a dv888 myself but I’ve only unboxed it and put a string on it. I’ll throw it in a bit. I’m looking forward to it.

Most of my metals are above that range new, but my H-Spin BeySick retails for $60 and my RecRev Sharp sells for $55 new. the Sharp is a bit on the heavy side, while the Beysick is a bit more well rounded. But I haven’t thrown my Sharp much as it went out for mods right way to get a silicone recess made.

Also, how are you on strings? Can you get strings easily where you are? Might want to use some of that money to get strings too if you are having problems getting strings.


You won’t be able to get a m1 as they are discontinued, but the caferacer, zen series, duncan raptor/echo/metropolis, and oscillatrix.


here we can get yomega strings, and also henrys, and the 50%50% of unkwon mark lolol.
the only that it’s complicate to found is bearings.
but, well, sooner or later yoyo gaming will have some impact here. or unless that it’s what i think.
thank a lot.


If I could only have 1 metal yoyo, and I only had $60 to spend, I would definitely get a Raptor ($40). Full sized, smooth, and comfy to hold. It has removable caps, so you can alter the weight a little bit. You just need to be able to clean the bearing first.